Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm Not Saying It Will Happen...

...but it could. And I talked to my roommates and friends about it for the past three weeks. Could Gov. Sarah Palin pull a Harriet Meirs and withdraw her name as the GOP Vice Presidential Candidate?

I believe not only should she, but she must.

First, McCain can't seem to do anything right these days. If he were to talk to veterans about military experience they would probably just start chanting "Obama! Obama!" It's almost ludicrous. At least 50% of this country is easily manipulated by fear, and votes on the basis of miltarism and identification with old white men.
Look no further than GWB's two elections.

Yet, somehow, Obama has stolen some of those votes!! I don't know how it happened, and not to put too much credance into poll numbers, but Obama could potentially blow McCain out of the water. The electoral college could end up looking like an ocean with a red life raft in the middle.

What does this have to do with Palin?

Well, many conservatives have echoed their displeasure with her. The more spotlight and airtime she's given, the more she resembles a beauty queen and not a Vice President. The initial boost she gave the GOP because of her sex and charm didn't last and it's obvious why it didn't.

In order to run on charm and charisma (see Obama) one has to stay consistently in the spotlight. Yet, with Palin, they've hidden her. She's harder to find than Waldo. Therefore with few (well, 3) national TV interviews, the public has lost their princess. How can we swoon, when we never see the woman?

Palin lacks two dangerous things, experience and knowledge. I propose that a viable candidate need to have at least one of those to attain the VP. Biden has both. Obama has one (plus the most eloquent and influential speaking abilities since MLK Jr.). Palin goes 0 for 2.

And the McCain campaign is so frightened she'll say the wrong thing, that they ensured Mac Daddy was present at her latest interview with Katie Couric. Talk about damage control.

Conservative columnists like Kathleen Parker and others have been calling for her head. If you weren't sure, now you know she's in trouble when your own begins to turn on you (eh, tu Brute).

As McCain's campaign desperately searches for an answer to his recent drops, possibly something more turbulent than a suspended campaign will suffice.

Say, a new VP perhaps???

Somewhere Mitt Romney is licking his chops.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

SNL Debate Skits

For my readers who need an exceptional comic relief please click this sentence.
I'm gonna need a tissue

McCain-Obama Debate

Last Friday I had the pleasure to miss the first 45 minutes of the debate between the two presedential candidates. I missed Barack's attempt to sound as tough as Mac and I missed Mac's attempt to acquiese himself of warmongering.

A very peculiar oddity.

Because I didn't get a chance to watch the debate in its entirety, I stayed tune for the pundit reactions and called some friends to discuss it.

Most people I spoke with claimed that McCain more than held his own. A few complained Barack was mirroring McCain's tough foreign policy approach. One said, "If you hadn't recognized the voices, the two candidates were indistinguishable."

An interesting phenomenon when we're talking about two candidates preaching (the same?)change.

The polls told a different story.

Nearly every poll showed Obama winning the debate. Obama was voted better to handle the economy, the War in Iraq, and repair our image abroad.

Also, the ticker on CNN showed Obama with an advantage among a focus group of Independents, Republicans and Democrats. During each quote the audience gave their immediate reactions via touch screen technology.

It didn't help that many of the Republican leaners were too old to figure out how to work the damn thing.

Thankfully, the first debate is over. I found it difficult to watch and I still believe Obama needs help thinking on his feet. His speaking skills are second to none in a speech, but throw him in a town hall meeting and his advantage erases completely.

There's not much to say about the debate except that Obama surely didn't lose ground and there was no clear cut winner.

If Obama can break even in the next two, he'll be in great shape during the home stretch.

Now, onto the VP debate.

Get that earpiece prepped for Palin methinks. This debate could ultimately matter more than the three presidential ones combined.

Biden behave.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ahmadinejad Addresses The UN

And we're all shaking in our boots aren't we?

Well, maybe in Texas.

First I want to thank my readers for the excellent feedback on my previous post. I definitely agree and am outraged at the hasty bailout to the people and corporations who least deserve it. Amazingly, as I was watching CNN a few days ago, analysts were blaming the problem on too much regulation. They claimed we need less, not more.

This always makes me think of random analogies. Take a car for example. You're driving along and someone takes a swipe at your sideview mirror with a baseball bat. Instead of doing the responsible thing and chase this guy down with an AK-47, you decide to wait it out. After all if God can create the world in 7 days, he can surely fix your sideview.

But he doesn't. And the damage from the mirror ends up peeling off the paint.

My point is that the free market won't fix it itself. It will dig its own grave. It has. It will. A perfect market allows free trade but with oversight and regulation so the abuses of pure capitalism don't lead to problems like, well, today.

Anyway, on to the Iranian President. Who, although I vehemently disagree with his statements regarding Israel and the Holocaust, told the UN the truth. He said the US is unraveling and our empire is on its last throes. Well, that's true. Isn't that a good thing?

The GOP would take this as a challenge (in fact they probably took it as nuclear engagement). The Democrats (pandering to moderates, which is short for moderately intelligent, will follow suit.)

But to me and others, we never liked the American 'Empire'. And I'm glad to see the country I love take a more subtle approach.

Take time to read what he said. Now, like anyone I don't agree with every word. But he seems to be one of the few that call out the US as we are. Occupiers. Invaders. He believes the time for nuclear weapons is over. He believes in diplomacy.
Taking what he said at face-value it's difficult to disagree.
Maybe Palin will have a crash-course with him sometime? She could learn a thing or two.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wait...Palin's not Hillary???

And here I thought she was a sexier version of the former first lady.

Heavens, no. Literally.

Sarah Palin's celebrity (somewhere I hear that song, 'I'll make you a celebrity overnight,') honeymoon has ceased and the reality set in. She's a right-wing nut. She's like GWB, but with less experience. The awe of her ascension is replaced by the fright of her..well, ascension. In short, the more we learn about Palin, the less we like her.

Her charisma and charm doesn't transcend substance. And here's why.

We're in a crisis. If you weren't sure, turn the TV on and overcome your doubt. Most times, the magnitude of charisma and relatability can propel a candidate to the presidency (see GWB and Bill Clinton). These men won elections because the country could afford to make the wrong choice. Now, we could only hope to be so lucky.

Electing McCain/Palin may be appealing if it weren't so obviously the wrong choice. But moreover, America is on the decline in just about every facet. We're like a prizefighter in his late 30's.

The mortgage crisis has led to one of the largest government bailout programs in the history of our country. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. AIG. Merrill Lynch was just saved from bankruptcy by Bank of America.

This is a classic example of privatizing profits and socializing loss. The upstanding white-collar workers on Wall Street will be saved by the Feds and American taxpayers. There will be no mass suicide or panic for the fat cats. Although these are the ones against all/any bailout for any individual on the lower ranks of wealth. It's sad that the poor can still be denied healthcare in this country as the wealthy share 0 responsibility for their failing markets.

The blame will be deflected. The pundits will spin it off. To whom?

Depends on who's speaking.

Either way, the revealing aspect of the past few years is the utmost failure of Republican laissez-faire economics.

It doesn't take a genius to understand that oversight and regulation are just as important as the markets themselves.

Lesson learned.

Friday, September 12, 2008

R.I.P. Jade - The Best Dog I Knew

Today is a very sad day for me. My parents, after much deliberation, have decided to put my dog Jade, down.

Jade just turned 12 on August 19th. She has cataracts which has stunted her vision and her hips have become brittle and shaky. She has a spine disorder and is no longer able to walk. Her other senses are fleeting and it takes her over a minute to get up and move.

In essence, her quality of life is no longer good.

In fact, it's terrible.

My Mother, a home healthcare nurse, has dealt with the issue of dying her entire life. She has dedicated her life to servicing people on their decline, making it as peaceful and pleasant as possible. It takes a truly special person to have the strength to face all the emotions she encounters on a day to day basis.

But even for her, this has been hard. I can hear her choke back the tears when she announced their decision to me over the phone.

My Dad, Jade's favorite, is struggling as well. Jade always followed him around constantly begging for his affection. Recently, he has taken books down to her at night and reads aloud as she looks up admiring.

Jade was really beautiful. She was always the dog that people would say, how well-behaved, what a beautiful face. She was too smart to play fetch. So intelligent in fact, that everyday she pranced like a queen, down the driveway and gathered the newspaper in her mouth.

Nothing like a dog-slobbered cover story.

If only you could see how cute she was struggling with the New York Times Sunday Edition.

When she was younger she loved to hike and splash in puddles. She ran wild with the coyotes in Arizona, they accepted her as one of their own. Often times we would receive phone calls that she had drifted a couple miles away from home, only to lick us to death after scolding her.

She rarely barked, except at passing deer. She didn't beg at the dinner table (I always promised her I'd giver her my scraps after).
She never bit anything except the newsprint, and was resilient when a dog chomped down on her leg one afternoon. The hair on her back would raise everytime we'd pass that house thereafter, but she braved through it.

She was gentle, loving, loyal, active, and she loved to chase rabbits.

She was the greatest dog I've ever known.

I love you Jade baby.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Pops' Poem

My Dad often writes poems to the local newspaper. Here is his latest one:


Oh! Sarah!

My money’s all gone, the environment too,
But that’s OK ‘cause I’m in love with you.
Your dough like eyes, those Tina Fey glasses,
You’re the first VP I’d ever make a pass at.

Your platform is strong, two points up high,
Girls with dimples like yours, can never lie.
A statesman so gorgeous, you could be on MTV,
Maybe even Playboy, which would not take Hill-ary

Let them evildoers say you’re only eye candy,
That you love big oil and the war in Iraqi.
Let them call you a racist, vindictive and mean,
What’s so wrong with American redneck cuisine?

You’re so liberating when you’re waving the cross,
You believe in privatizing profit, socializing loss.
It’s so perfect that you oppose science and sex education,
In modern America this means you’re a shoe-in for inauguration.

Now John’s kinda old and he’s often been sick,
We need to be certain you’re up to the presidential shtick.
Just ridicule you’re critics, they’re insane anyway,
Lobbyist will tell you your position each day.

Your leadership has kept Wassalia safe from the Taliban,
The Yuan, the Ku Klux Klan and the Bogeyman.
Men no longer focus on war, unemployment, or health care,
It’s just not fair, how they stare, at your derriere.

When the rhetoric’s over, we’re in mankind’s final hour,
I need to know if you’ll use your feminine powers.
Will you drop Bin Laden and Putin down on their knees,
And instead of dropping bombs, s ay, “Kiss me, please!”

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Supermarket Conundrum

Everyone encounters the same problem when they go grocery shopping. Generally, it's not with what to buy, although that can become a challenge if you are succeptible to marketing gimicks, or hungry. In other words, me. In that case, it's best to do what I do when I go to a casino and that's bring in one$20 bill and leave the rest in the car.

Others have only one major dilemma, to decide which aisle to to wait in for checking out.

Now I worked in a grocery store for 2 years. Sure, I was eventually fired for falling asleep on the job, but nonetheless I acquired valuable experience during my tenure.

Things like, when you open a bottle of green tea and drink it while you're in the store and trash it before you leave without paying, you didn't technically steal it.

You did violate it. But technically the bottle never left the store without purchase, so you would be off the hook if the 5-0 or Nestea came in.

I also learned to tune out the incessant beeps of the bar codes. If you focus on them, you will hear them. If you focus on finding the nearest trash can for your green tea, you'll forget all about it.

I'm getting off track.

The problem we face is which line to approach . And more specifically, which cashier would be fastest.

Typically, I go to the youngest looking female without a noticable wedding ring. This ensures that I don't get to my house and realize I have a ring inside my bag next to the carrots (which has never happened but one has to take precautions).

This also could possibly ensure a date.

Unfortunately when the closest one to your age looks like McCain, the choice becomes instantly more difficult. And it has nothing to do with ethnicity. Last week, LeshaCassandra helped me out faster than Stacy the week before.

So I focus on expression. You don't want someone smiling too much. I don't trust 'em. Or too serious. Might ask for ID or something. I'm trying to find the one that's the most fake. Laughing obnoxiously over my joke that the weather isn't raining dogs, it's raining greyhounds.

That's the one.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gov. Palin Addresses the Nation

From a political/philosophical standpoint, the speech was horrendous. It was riddled with innacuracies and as substantive as Paris Hilton.

Nevertheless, she nailed it and did an exceptional job. From a GWB bulls@#$ perspective, that is.

The thinkers of this country, the college educated ones, the ones who have deep compassion for wildlife, the environment and fellow world citizens have already made up their mind. They're voting for Obama.

For the few, the proud and the dumb, there is McCain. I don't say that out of spite or vitriole. I say it because it's factual. The same people who will vote for McCain and Palin will be the rednecks in the south and the fat-cats lavishing the tax breaks. The ones who elected Bush.

Palin said something revealing when she mentioned that Democrats snicker behind the backs of many Americans when addressing them. She said they're nice to their face, but laugh at them for their gun-totin', bible readin' lifestyle.

Well...she's right.

That lifestyle should've gone out of date two hundred years ago.

We're now on the way to curing AIDS and cancer. Sending people to Mars. We've progressed beyond Jerry Springer. Democrats are working for alternative energy. Not drilling all over our country so our nation ends up resembling a sponge - not to mention the devestation it will cause to the environment and wildlife.

Democrats are working to reduce working-class taxes, for companies who don't outsource. To raise the minimun wage. To provide health care to every citizen. To establish an immigration plan that allows 'illegal' (if a person can ever be such a thing) to feel like hard-working human beings that they are.

If you like scare tactics, vote for Palin. If you think a soccer mom should be in charge of our troops and be the CEO of our country, vote for Palin.

Palin ridiculed Obama for his 'community organizing,' while she was the mayor of a small town. Here's the real 'news flash,' Mrs. Palin, the size of the small city she oversaw wouldn't fill up two blocks of the streets of Chicago.

Let's put this in perspective. It's like a Russel Terrier going after a Rottweiler.

There's a 19 year-old mayor/delegate at the GOP convention from a bigger town.

S@#$ he would be more qualified than her.

By the way, it only took her six years to get her Bachelor's Degree.


This duo running for President and Vice President is the greatest insult to the American people. They couldn't manage a rodeo, much less our country. So don't be blinded by the glitter in her eye and the phony words from her lips.

It's all wrapped up in deceit and manipulation.
And makeup.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


When expectations are unfulfilled, the resulting feeling is often resentment. You can't help it. Maybe you expected your paycheck to include intangibles, or you let your team down by missing the game-winner. In that case it would be resentment towards yourself - hence anger.

We can all agree that living with resentment and anger is not healthy. Is it warranted sometimes? Sure. But, should we do what we can to overcome it? Of course.

If only it were that simple.

Life is not that black and white. There is history behind everything. And human ego and pride. Throw those into the mix and the cauldron reaches its boiling point.

However, I believe in reconciliation. In Vietnam they have a saying, whatever we can't forgive, we forget and what we can't forget, we forgive. It's a great mantra to live by. Will time heal the wound?

Reconciliation doesn't require time. It takes effort. If you let someone down, you don't defend yourself. You prove to them that you won't let them down again. You do everything in your power to change for the future.

If you flake on a friend, then show that friend you care by prompting the next get together. Don't explain why you flaked. Whether it's reasonable or not, people get hurt when those they care for don't put out for them.

Decisions bare consequences. And sometimes we make the wrong ones. But that shouldn't deter us from the effort it takes to reconcile the problem.

For then, how much did you really care?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Reflections on the Palin Choice

Sen. McCain selected Gov. Sarah Palin to run with him on his Republican ticket for president last week. Wait, the Republicans have women? I was a little surprised at this, but seeing that she married an eskimo and is a former beauty queen, we can assure our nation will be in good hands.

Plus, she wears those Tina Fey glasses that give off the wave of sincere intelligence. Kind of like Mike Tyson's face tattoos yell 'beauty.'

At first, I thought it was an exceptional pick. A woman - plus. A Governor - plus. A popular one with not much baggage - plus. But upon further reflection I think McCain blundered this one.

He didn't wrap up the powerful Jewish vote. He chose a woman with less experience than Obama (his main criticism of his counterpart). And she is from an inconsequenial state. What do you think Alaska and Deleware should just fight it out.

But that wouldn't work. Because nobody really gives a s@#$ who would win. I came across an interesting poll today at one of my favorite sites. It shows that Biden was a more popular V.P. choice than Palin.

Go figure.

What this tells me, moreover, is that this race won't come down to the V.P. It comes down to McCain vs. Obama. Black vs. White. New vs. Old.

Palin won't raise money and will be overwhelmed with the national attention.

Democrats have reason to elate.