Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Drifter

A bouncing ball with no destination,
Your clouded mind loses its concentration,
Refusing to work within the framework inset,
Hurdling past open palms who you've met,

Expression is limitless freedom to choose,
Not success or failure rather cognizant bemuse,
Some scoff it's just a caveat,
Not recognizing the mirror they're standing on,

Traveling you think may bring clarity,
Perspective, insight, experience, verity,
It is not the things that you know,
The journey's in exploring the things that you don't,

Fancy to grasp your haughty fixation,
Obsession with women your one true temptation,
The bridge you walk in single file,
Is best built upon an engineered eye,

That eye can only belong to you,
Tying your own rope is nothing new,
But attempt to tie it minus a hand,
You'll find it is increasingly bland,

Leaving behind burned void and relations,
Is your goal unknown, possibly exaltation?
Are you disgusted with all which you feel,
Or are the chastised remarks really just fuel?

And so you forebear from lots of example,
Like a day at Costco picking from the samples,
Adios say those who misunderstood,
Maybe it's your choice that impeded the mood?


Anonymous said...

If you are the actual author of this poem, believe me, you have some great talent here.You can write songs or publish a book with this great material someday.Keep the inspiration going. Really loved the poem.

Anonymous said...

I think traveling is a beautiful thing. It opens your world and expands your ideas, perspective and beliefs. It gives you new insight about yourself and the world in which you live in. By realizing how different peoples culture, language, religion and beliefs are different from your own you get closer to the truth that in fact we are all very similar. We all feel love, hate, pain and joy.

I find it a turn off when people have never been outside the United States if it is not tied to financial reasons.
Traveling can be a selfless act if you are going to expand yourself. However, if you are running away from your current feelings or a situation then you are doing it all for the wrong reason. We must learn to be happy were we are. Not settling, but finding beauty no matter what. Home is wear your ass lays at night.

Anonymous said...

what the hell is happening in this poem??? who or what is exploited ? why is the tone mockingly self-congratulatory?

i like the pace and rhythum but the content needs some organiztion into a sequential series of connected threads- much too random......