Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weight Loss Plan in Effect

My entire youth I was pole-skinny. Literally I could see my rib cage when I entered junior year of high school. Try as I may to gain muscle and be a 'big dude' it just didn't happen. Kind of like asking Michael Jackson to just try 'being normal.' It just didn't work.

My junior year I tried the whole - protein shake weightlifting routine. And I had moderate results. I got noticeably stronger but was still quite lean and wiry.

When I tore my ACL my freshman year of college, I was relegated to the air mattress on the floor for an entire month. Because I didn't eat for 60 hours, originally I emaciated. I must've lost ten pounds in those few days.

When my stomach started asking wtf??? finally, I began eating again. And the combination of eating and sitting ballooned me to over 190 pounds. At '6"2, this filled my frame formidably and I looked pretty good.

Over the next couple of years my weight hovered around 190 pounds. Depending on what I was into at the moment (tennis or basketball or running) my weight fluctuated. But never more than 5-8 pounds in one direction or another.

Fast forward to my senior year of college. The summer before I turned 22 I met two power weight-lifters from TCU. Normally these are the type of guys I ridicule, but when I realized it wasn't all for show and they were kicking ass on the basketball court, I decided to chat 'em up.

Coincidentally I started a job that summer at Sea World and my first day of training the Hans and Franz showed up. They were only visiting for the summer and wanted to know where the hot spots were, etc.. In exchange I asked them to incorporate me into their fitness program. Make me a stud.

And so they did.

I put on ten pounds of pure muscle that summer. My chest grew rounder. My arms more dense (my head more dense as well my Pops would say). In short I got shredded with substance.

And I felt great.

Fast forward a year and a half and I am currently 210 pounds. And it's not all muscle. My 4-6 pack I've maintained since 5th grade dissolved into a pathetic couple of ridges. The area above my V-cut grew larger. It's disgusting.

So for the first time in my life I'm really trying to cut weight. Yesterday I ran 3.1 miles at 21:10. Today I'm going to run 5 miles at a bit slower pace. I'm going to do interval training and include sprints and lifting to help tone up all the places that need it.

It's nice for me to have a goal. It's nice for me to recognize that being lean is a challenge. Losing weight won't be easy. My metabolism is slower. My appetite, larger. But no one will work harder at it than me.

I feel this way linearly in my life and it's part of the reason I'm good at many activities. I don't settle for mediocrity from myself or from others I'm close to. I'm constantly challenging myself and finding ways I can improve.

If I'm drinking too much I cut back. If you smoke, I'll help you to quit. If I'm content sitting in front of the TV and movies I challenge myself to get involved. Go out dancing. Take pictures of the scenery of monuments and landscapes. Volunteer (had another interview with Big Brothers Big Sisters today FYI).

I'm working toward perfection. Not perfection in the utopian sense. Perfection from within. Ridding the boundaries and safety nets I've surrounded myself with. Eliminating the scapegoats and excuses from personal failures and failures from past relationships.

Growing as a person means being accountable to yourself. At the end of the night when your head hits the mattress are you happy or not? If not, do you blame others for your misfortune or do you accept responsibility?

Our lives are too short to not optimize our gifts in the world. To seek the best partner. Read the greatest novels and experiment with the finest foods. I'm trying not to lose sight of my life while I fill up the rest of it with doctor's appointment's, cleaning and hedonistic activities. My Pops always says, life is what happens when you're busy making plans (I'm sure he must've seen the bumper sticker), but he's right. We lose track of ourselves in the monotony. The daily grind.

So I presented myself with a challenge. A direct goal that I will either meet or not. Lose ten pounds in a month and a half.

And I'll do it.


Amanda said...

I think that's absolutely great, good for you. With strong self-discipline and an image of what you want to become, you'll be able to attain it in no time. And it's an exciting adventure in the process to know that you're improving every day.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This blog is really energizing....I hope you will keep us up to date with your progress....You sound very determined...Maybe you could get a spot on the World's biggest losers show......Good luck bro.

Anonymous said...

i once lost alot of weight ... that wasn't all that hard, but KEEPING IT OFF, now that's take life long effort and most of us are too lazy to go that far. so we go up,down,sideways for a while and repeat......

Anonymous said...

I remember after u got off work at 24 in Az me n the girls would watch u swim.(SEXY) u were consistant!! u can do whatever u put ur mind to. GO CONOR!!!


ConArtist said...

Thanks for the support. I'll keep you guys posted on the progress and any setbacks. I'm sure my sweet tooth and alcohol consumption during inaugural weekend will be a factor...

Anonymous said...

U still da Man! :D KB

Anonymous said...

There's always duct tape.