Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pics of Vancouver, Snoqualmie Pass, Ellensburg and CWU

Above are some pics I took the past couple of days. Unfortunately my camera ran out of power at night in Vancouver so I couldn't take the photos I was looking to. Had a great trip again btw. Even though I got grilled coming into Canada. Guy thought I was a drug smuggler for sure. I also included some pic from my 6.5 mile run today around Lake Snamish.


A Night in Ellensburg

Worrying if my Cadillac CTS was going to make it over Snoqualmie Pass I faced a dilemma. Trade in the rental car for a 4 wheel drive. Or keep the one I had and risk my life.

And then I remembered I was driving a Cadillac CTS.

So life took a backseat and I decided to brave the roads with what I had. You know, the one with the seat warmers. Hey, if I got stuck in the snow at least I'd be warm.
The treacherous pass from Seattle to Ellensburg was not what I expected. No cars flipped over. No vehicles with chains.

Everyone cruised over the pass at speeds over 60 mph. Granted it was snowing only lightly and not really cold enough to stick.

So I got into Ellensburg at a decent time and worked out quickly in the gym. One thing that's interesting about my job is frequenting different hotels night after night. A couple times I've confused room numbers from the previous days and angrily walked over to the front desk to a laughing agent. Or to have a man open the door and say, "Uh, you looked better on Craigslist."

I also get to workout in these makeshift facilities that we're hot items in infomercials. In the 1980's. I keep hoping to run into a BowFlex, but thus far, nada.

Anyway, after my workout I went to dinner at the best restaurant not named Taco Bell in the city. It was called Roadkill. Or Roadhouse or something.

The food tasted like roadkill but fortunately I had a very charming and sweet waitress. She kept asking if she could get me anything else with this alluring smile and wide eyes.

When she brought me the check for the final time I asked her if she knew where the college was.

She did, saying that she went to school there and that was a prerequisite.

I smiled. And we chatted for about 5 minutes.

I drove around the city (took about 8 minutes) so I could prep myself for the two stoplights I may hit on my way to work at CWU the next day. (Always want to allow as much sleep as possible the night before so gotta scope out the roads).

When I got back to my room, there was a message waiting for me on my room's voicemail. The waitress must've remembered which hotel I was staying at (or maybe it's cuz there's only like 3 of them) and asked if I wanted to go out for the evening.

And so we did.

We were about as different as they come. Me, a city boy, my entire life spent in Phoenix, San Diego, Washington D.C. Her, a country girl, never lived in a city with more than 20,000 folks.

She introduced me to a group of her friends and we talked for a couple hours. Her Mom was a bus driver and father was a health teacher. She hated politics. Thought it too intimidating. Too burdensome to keep up with.

She had spiky blonde hair a la Sharon Stone. Almost 5'10", she used to play basketball in high school. She was looking to travel to the Philippines for an internship next quarter. I tried to talk her into taking our program instead. And she was all ears.

Just an interesting story I wanted to share because sometimes opportunity calls in the strangest of places and times.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pics from UW-Seattle

My favorite school I've ever visited. Hands down. It snowed briefly today so it wasn't the best day to take pictures but here's the decent ones.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Pics From Seattle

Above are some pics from Seattle. The blurry ones were taken in my car (Cadillac CTS...I'm not complaining). I thought they looked kind of cool, captured the hustle of the city...