Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beginning of Week 2

(That's supposed to be a mental tug of war, for those wondering why these lovely ladies are above)

Not that I minimized the amount of work included to earn an M.A, but holy s@#t. I really didn't think it'd be this intense. Oh, and I minimized the amount of work it takes to earn an M.A. In essence, I was assigned to read more than 500 pages of dense material, digest it, and come to class prepared to execute it. Instead I'm prepared to execute myself. I'm no stranger to reading, often voraciously taking on multiple books at a time. But the material in textbooks is foreign to the material of fiction and requires utmost attention to retain. If you drift off a few pages of Hunter Thompson, it ain't gonna kill you. Though you may miss some useful information on mescaline.

Snooze through a few chapters of regression analysis and you have to start from the top. It'd be safe to say I have a healthy dose of intimidation for what's to come based on what already is.

Of the three courses I'm enrolled in this semester, only one is dominantly discussion based. Which bodes well for me because I have opinions on just about everything and we're awarded points for participation. Sweet. One is basically an old-fashioned lecture and the other is spent reading graphs and charts and practicing on a computer.

Although not a procrastinator, my study habits need a makeover. Or maybe even a face lift/gastric bypass.

What's most irritating thus far is my feeling of disconnect from the campus. I spend so much time studying and reading at my place or bookstores that I rarely get a chance to immerse with the undergraduates or participate in the extracurriculars that make college actually enjoyable. I did get a job at the school newspaper writing columns, but that's about as removed as Rush Limbaugh to sanity. It doesn't even appear we have staff meetings, so I'm left to compose and brainstorm on my own. 

Perhaps I'm overreacting to the adjustment and will gain a grasp of what's expected after a couple more weeks. For it's sink or swim in this field, and currently I'm treading laboriously.

Of course another unfortunate side effect is time composing blog posts has decreased (which is partly why I'm posting photos sans captions). Truthfully, I want to post the photos anyway, and perhaps have one or two or three more sets (of London and maybe a few others) until I've exhausted my role, but I understand if you're wondering what the hell happened to my opinions on the world. They've been zapped. Vacuumed out of me from the vampire squid that is graduate school.

As most of you know, I'm nothing if not consistent, so I'll do my best not to neglect this grand forum. If nothing else, it gives me a chance to vent! Thanks for your patience...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ireland Pics

And here you thought you were finished viewing photos from the trip. Thanks for bearing with me. Below is the start of a long day dlinkin! Me and the young woman to my left in the photo below really hit it off. That's how boozed up I was. Dublin is a dirty ol' town. A great city. Enjoy. P.S. Yes, you see the same outfit on me over and over. Don't judge. This is when I left my other bag on the train, remember. Okay, it was pretty gross.