Friday, March 4, 2011

Poem and Cancun

So, tomorrow is the big day. I leave for Cancun a la manana. Pienso. The forecast is calling for rain for most of the week. Yippee! I hope the storms pass quick as this boy needs to bronzing up his skin for the summer! I'll try and post while I'm gone but no promises. I will, however, be bringing my camera and promise to post photos upon my return. Until then...I wrote this in class yesterday...

Queen Boss

Trail of destruction I know too well,
It's what I've left for others to dwell,
But I'm not the villain I'm painted to be,
Please take a moment and listen to me,

My actions demonstrate that I'm unaware,
Of the consequences, living without care,
As if I'm devoid of others feelings,
Just a narcissist, wheeling and dealing,

But I am aware of the pain you feel,
Quite opposite from the purveyed man of steel,
No doubt I transition quicker than most,
Shouldn't discount what we had, of which I boast,

Explain how you criticize a spider for having 8 legs?
Something uncontrollable, something innate,
I am who I am for better and worse,
Being honest with myself comes always forced,

Because I'm torn from multiple personalities,
There lies no truth within many realities,
Some decisions I won't try and defend,
By the next day I'd be shaking my head,

With age I've matured with much reflection,
Learned to make amends from prior indiscretions,
Endured the insults I've earned coming my way,
Proven by perseverance I'm sincere, not fake,

Your adamant stance to vilify me,
I can only see as a mechanism for coping,
For you've moved on and are better off for it,
Meanwhile my kindness won't dissipate although I'm ignored,

The depths of my heart sings a song,
Asking you to forgive you from all of the harm,
Instead of repairing and making it up to you,
You allow your stubbornness to preclude,

Any attempt vetoed at reconciliation,
Easier to close off in anticipation,
Because I'm shunned the fact remains,
Nothing ventured, nothing gained...


Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

have fun in Cancun! (from your yates gym buddy)

Anonymous said...

Nice work a good poem. What does it mean and who are all the " you's?" I got a little lost trying to understand the shift in tone towards the end which seemed no longer self-mocking but stormy with reproachment and anger. Writing poetry examining one's soul is more effective than therapy and a whole lot cheaper!( and probably with better results).

Anonymous said...

Viva La Mexico! LOL ;-o Off to the annual BNP tennis tournie out in Indian Wells/Palm Desert next weekend with some of the tennis gang...Always a blast! Cheers! KB

Anonymous said...

Big boy, write some love poems on holiday and stay away from tequila fried swordfish and suspicious turban clad mustachioed after your muchacha.