Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!! Hello 2012

I wrapped up 2011 with a spontaneous trip to celebrate New Years. Originally I was thinking of heading south (someplace waarrrrrmmmmmm) to somewhere like Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, the Outer Banks, etc. While I was quite close to siding with South Carolina - mainly because that's where an anarcho-liberal like me feels most at home - I was swayed by the compelling case my partner-in-crime made at the last minute. She suggested we suck it up (Thanksgiving and Christmas fat I assume) and trek to Canada's armpit, aka, New York City.  It was unseasonably warm and she has a friend who resides in Manhattan.


Traveling north on I-95 on New Years Weekend sounded about as attractive as a round of the flu, but everyone should celebrate New Years Eve in NYC once in their life, and so off we went.

Instead of wowing you with my incredible grasp of the English language and letting your imagination run wild with vivid word imagery...I'm gonna post pictures. For one, I promised more of them about a month ago. And two, let's be honest, if you wanted to read you'd do what everyone else does and buy an audio tape.

So without further adieu, here are some photos.

Day One

Starting the trip off right with a stop at Robeks.  
 All that handsomeness consolidated into one face. If only we could spread the wealth around. 
 Passing B-Mo (Baltimore). Note the sap on my car window to the left. Fuck trees. 
 Passing Philly. Somehow we missed the off-ramp to avoid Philly, but at least we got to see what it's like to live in the city of Brotherly Love...hellish. 
 On the PATH to NYC. We stayed the night in Newark, NJ (actual zip code of hell). But not before jettisoning off to explore Brooklyn and a bit of Manhattan en route. 
 Expressions I elicit frequently. 
 Our stop. 
 Really makes a guy feel safe. 
 Right off the Subway. It's right about Twilight hour. NYC was zooming with people. 
 Lots and lots of tourists. Ugh. Hate those people. 
 One of the new WTC buildings that is going up. 
 Another tower. Cleaner shot. 
 I'm no engineer, but how the fuck do they do this shit. A crane about 30 stories up on a platform. Pretty amazing (kinda like picture number 2). 
 You can tent. You can vent. You can have all your time spent. But for crissakes don't skateboard. Where Occupy Wall Street originated. 
 Kinda hard to read cuz it's dark but some ground rules for the plaza. We asked a cop where the occupiers were and he said they kicked 'em out 
 What Zucotti Park looks like now. No tents = :(. Here I am showing my support. 
 Open to the Public the sign reads. Um. About that....
 Some remaining occupiers. A bunch of the die-hards moved to Wall Street they told us. They were there mainly for nostalgia. The good ol' days, when wearing colors like that were in season...
 The Five-oh. And there was probably 50 around doing mostly nothing. Taxpayer money inaction. 
Get it???
 El Brooklyn Bridge. 
 Looking toward Brooklyn. 
 Looking back at Manhattan. 
 Who knows. Y'all cities look alike after awhile anyway. 
 Yes, welcome to Brooklyn, how sweet it is. Just make sure you're packing. 
 On our way to see the new stadium that Jay-Z is building for the Nets (soon to be something different) we stumbled upon a famous cheesecake place. I'm not one to fuss over cheesecake, but she was. So we stopped and I ended up getting WAAAYY more crap than she did. 
 Practically Coney Island. This was my main purpose for coming down to South Brooklyn. This was featured on one of my fav TV shows Man vs. Food. Not exactly vegan/vegetarian (what I'd prefer to eat) but we can't be saints all of the time now can we???
The Subway map. Makes DC look simple. Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

Great pics and I loved your funny commentary. NYC at New Years. It does not get better. Well, at least for one year in your life, right?

Anonymous said...

It would be an improvement if you could refrain from swearing and actually intersperse an adverb occasionally to describe a scene. But then again every picture tells a story.

ConArtist said...

Well thank ya... Ya it was an awesome trip! I'd do it again...but I'd change a few logistical details.

Swearing is honest. Adverbs are dishonest. See here -

Most good writers loathe adverbs including my favorite Chuck Palahniuk. Nevertheless, as I mentioned, if you wanted to read you'd buy an audiotape... :)

Anonymous said...

"I want to be a part of it-New York,New York.The city that never sleeps. So does DC seem a little tamer now?

Anonymous said...

Making me miss New York after seeing these pics. Too bad you didn't get to see a play on Broadway.