Sunday, January 22, 2012

Last Week's Workouts

Pretty tough week save for today. I will likely go easier this week to recover. Need to put some miles in on the bike too this coming week. Finally got a pair of aero bars so it's time to adjust to the new position. Glad the Patriots pulled it off, one more game left...

Monday: 12 mile run (slow).

Tuesday: Back/Legs lift. Bike 1 hour time trial. 10 min. w/u. 10 min. c/d.

Wednesday: Swim 300y w/u. 10x200y. 100y kick. 3x200y. 100y kick. 2x200y. 100 kick. 400 c/d.

Thursday: Arms lift. 1.25 mile run w/u. Yasso 800's. See previous post. 1 mile c/d.

Friday: Swim 300y w/u. 3x - 1x25y. 1x50y. 1x75y. 1x100y. 1x125y. 1x150y. Then descend. w/ 100 kick in between each. Last set 100 ladder. 100 kick. 300 c/d.

Saturday: Legs/ Shoulders Chest lift. 10 mile run.

Sunday: Swim. Was too crowded at Wilson pool. Probably did 3k total. Pretty easy.


Anonymous said...

I've heard you tend to kick people out of your lane using sheer force of will. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank goodness for Sundays is all I can say. I guess notching it down a bit is commonplace for most of us folks.

Anonymous said...

You really change things up a lot. What day's training is your favorite for how you feel afterwards? Do you use any energy drinks or protein supplements?

ConArtist said...

(sigh). the rumors are true. My body is so large that it actually takes up the entire lane. that's what I tell them anyway.

LSD on Sundays! Although soon enough it may be brick Sundays!

Good to change it up. Good for the body to keep it guessing what's coming. I'm not sure which day is my favorite for afterward. If I do 10+ miles easy, sometimes my legs are tired. But days I do bike speed/legs lift can induce the same. Every day is good that you sweat. But one of the best is the reward of the jetpool at Wilson after a good, hard swim. No energy drinks or protein, nope.

Anonymous said...

Good idea to avoid the over-hyped energy foods that are really no better than h20 and fig bars. This is an industry that cannot prove results yet is marketed as though gospel. Long term distance athletes know when they are being bullshited, but beginning athletes actually believe the marketing lies.
Only hard effforts and weight control bring results. The rest is gobblygook "science".