Sunday, January 29, 2012

Last Week's Workouts

Tougher week than I anticipated. Sometime I get carried away and gotta remember to rest and give my body a breather. It's been probably 3 weeks or so since a day off so maybe this coming weekend...maybe not. We'll see how I feel (and if the weather is nice).

Monday: Arms and legs lift. 1 mile w/u run. 10k in 39:12. Really hard, felt exhausted. 1 mile c/d.

Tuesday: Back/Legs lift. 10 min w/u bike. 1 hour speed workout. Tough. 10 min c/d.

Wednesday: 3.8k swim. 300y w/u. (1x400y 50y kick) x7 100 kick, 300c/d.

Thursday: Chest/Shoulders lift w/ couple leg exercises. 90 minute spin. Tried to keep machine in a tough gear like I was climbing. With 5 minute rest every 25 minutes.

Friday: Swim. 300y w/u. (1x25 1x50 1x75 1x100 1x125 1x 150) x 3. 300 kick somewhere in there. 300 c/d.

Saturday: First Brick of season! Excited, first time ever in aero position. Holy shit felt fast. 24 miles, mostly flats. Speed was good, legs felt strong. Back was really tight and painful after. Almost couldn't run. When it finally loosened up I got in 6 miles near 6:35 pace. Someone stole my shirts (I tied them to the Capital Crescent Trail cuz I was hot) fuckers. Good, fun, tough workout.

Sunday: Ran by the monuments in D.C. 10 miles easy. Legs were shot by the end. I'm pretty sure I know why. Tomorrow will be in the pool though, so I'll give them a breather. I also immediately went to the hot tub at Wilson Pool to stretch afterward and used the high pressure jets. Aaahhhhhhhh. Nice.


Anonymous said...

Your workouts are inspirational. I do think that there is not one muscle group that you do not push to the limit. So you will probably be more than ready for your next event-barring any injuries.

Anonymous said...

I do think you need that breather. What a week!