Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Latest Column

Last semester I wrote an interesting paper for school about race in sports. I silently hoped it would be published in a scholastic journal where I submitted it. But after a long time with no word, I'm confident it didn't pass the cut. I do think it could be featured somewhere else (and think it warranted publication), however I'm going to publish it here in the next day or so - so you can evaluate for yourself.

Until then - here's my latest column published today in the Eagle...



Anonymous said...

It's cyclical, as there's more and more commentary aiming for the lowest intelligence quotient, people seem to actually lose intelligence, thus needing people to tell them what's happening and digest it for them. Unfortunately, as you say, the people doing the commenting are mostly idiots. Oh the cycle.

Anonymous said...

Never quit the good battle. All we can do is use what energy we have to prod those who can to help those who can't.