Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Radical

My program, IPCR, in SIS, at AU, has many acronyms. Suffice it to say, the previous sentence loosely translated means that I'm part of one of the most liberal programs in the country. It's basically peace studies taught by quakers. And if you're mockingly asking if we sing Kum-Bye-ya and practice yoga - all I can say is...aren't Tuesday's dope?

Ya, we do that. It's a tad Montessorian, and I think it's cool. Plus, it's great for the lower back.

Anyway, some classes are participatory and the professor solicits input from students to promote discussion. Yesterday night was one of those classes.

I have a fairly flippant pointview (get it, har har) of life. I really don't take it all that seriously (like, OMG, like are you even serious right now??). I have strong opinions, some might say very strong kinda like my abs. But at the end of the day, I don't really give a shit. Primarily because I've lost all hope in humanity long ago, and stay in the loop now mainly just for fun/entertainment/to converse with peeps. I love to discuss and study and debate - I just have no illusions that I'm really changing people's minds. I've abandoned my sense of pedantry (evidently by using the word pedantry) and when I do employ it, it's for entertainment's sake.

Anyway, what cracks me up is that even in my program, I am perceived as extreme. This is akin to going to a KKK meeting and being disparaged for not chanting madly enough. (Granted, that's a bad example 1 - because most black people are cool in my book, and 2 - I'm a pretty good chanter). Regardless, yesterday our class was discussing power, specifically how much or how little power is good/appropriate.

As someone who barks at stop signs, challenging authority is pretty elementary for me. I don't like any power. Zip, zero, none. I think practically all institutions of power are inherently corrupt and generally do more harm than good. They say that big government is bad and small government is better. I think small government is bad and no government is better. It's all relative.

Anyway, it was an intriguing discussion last night as I had the class laughing a few times combating challenges from the professor (another obvious source of power I defy!!!). But it should be good preparation b/c I've been asked to particiapte in another TV debate tomorrow. We're gonna talk about how Obama's minions are gullible and willfully blind - at least that's what I'm going to talk about...will keep you apprised with footage...


Anonymous said...

Why do you think you're so rebellious? Ever wonder what it would be like to accept everything as it is and just, well, give up?
I don't really believe you think that people can't change, just read any biography of great men and you'll discover some 180 degree shifts.

Anonymous said...

Is you nuts?
No govt. = chaos.
chaos= dictator.
Dictator= slaughter.
Slaughter= repression.
Repression= rebellion.
Rebellion = chaos.

back in the ussr boys, you don't know how lucky you are, back, back, back in the ussr ( or nazi germany).........