Friday, March 9, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

Not sure how I feel about these: Many other bloggers do them weekly (or weakly), and I'm not one to lube the chain so to speak...but talking about me is one of my specialities - don't you concur? (I'm watching Catch Me if You Can as I type this - always remember that scene). Which reminds me I actually do like Leo DiCaprio. But if Gatsby turns out to be as awful as J. Edgar Hoover, I'm losing hope. C'mon Leo, we deserve better. P.S. here's a column I wrote that was published earlier this week..

1) I give my crust of pizza to special people who join me...

2) If they don't accept, I dip them in Coke. The crust, not the person. But that's not a bad idea.

3) I talk in my sleep. Mostly about food. Or sex....just kidding Mom #awkward.

4) I use hash tags (#) in texts too. #prettymuchworksanywhere

5) If there's chocolate in the house, it doesn't stay long. #breakfast

6) I follow too many blogs to count. Probably over 30.

7) I generally catch a 'second wind' around 10:30PM. Bed time between 12 and 1.

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Anonymous said...

It is ao sad that more people don't extend greater courtesies to cyclists. Of course, there is a lot of envy amongst the couch potatoes out there who just don't like exercise at all and resent those who do…So good to read your Eagle columns. I hope you do watch your sex talk at night…could get you in big, big trouble….But I do like the coke dip idea….