Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week's Workouts

Today was a rest day. I needed it, haven't had one in a month or so. Walked around the Tidal Basin to shake the legs out, but after two ' fuck this shouldn't be this difficult' workouts in a row, I think my body was sending me a signal.

This week, the weather looks great, and I will try and make the most of it on my bike. As per usual, the current sport I hate = running (I alternate hating one of the 3 sports about once a month). It's increasingly looking like a liability for me. I know my biking has improved. Hard to know by how much precisely until I race again. But it's certainly better. Swimming will be better than last season. Found an invaluable online tool that continues to make my swimming more efficient. Running - I'm just not enjoying, nor am I making solid gains. I don't like how I feel during/after when I see my times/splits...I'm racing a 5-k in two weeks, if I'm not a bit faster than I was during the Turkey Trot (18:36), then I'm not training properly. Plain and simple. Have to wait and see...back is still a bit tender. Will have to be very careful this season it looks like.

Monday: Swim. 300m w/u. 1x800m. 100 kick. 1x800. 100 kick. 2x400. 100 kick. 2x200. 300 c/d.

Tuesday: Arms/legs lift. (30 min TT spin. 2 mile run.) Repeat. Hard effort. Back felt okay, but was indoors spinning and not in aero.

Wednesday: A.M. Swim. 300y w/u. 5x200y fast w/100 active recovery after each. 100 kick. 5x200 fast w/ 100 active recovery after each. 100 kick. 300y c/d.
P.M. 10 mile slow run.

Thursday: Back and legs lift w/ some abs. 25 min. heavy gear with 5 min. easy spin recovery. Repeat. 1x20 min heavy gear. 5min easy spin.

Friday: 300y, w/u. 10x100 leaving at 1:30, 100 kick, 10x100, 100 kick. 10x50. 100 kick. 3x100. 300 c/d.

Saturday: Legs/Shoulders/Chest lift. 9 mile run. Today and yesterday just didn't have much energy. Hoping a day off does me some good. We'll see on Monday...

Sunday: Off.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to take a full day off, most tri-athletes just take a relaxed, non push day of going soft but not doing nothing. Of course we are all different this way and what works for some dosen't work for all. See how you feel next week.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for taking a day off. 1 in over a month certainly can't be detrimental to your training, and can help your body recover from fatigue and your muscles to repair the micro tears.
Wednesday was a crazy workout though, good for you!

Anonymous said...

Remember, if you snooze, you lose. Rest can be as addictive as exercise!

Anonymous said...

too bad that you don't like running. If you get the chance read the book Born to Run….It is such an inspiring book and talks a lot about running barefoot .Not that it is feasible for us city folks….Your training is still remarkable…No wondering you need a day off..Hard to keep injury free with that kind of workout schedule.

Anonymous said...

Have fun volunteering at the National Marathon weekend…or am I mistaken and you are a participant? or a water cup holder? Your back may be affected by your running pounding the crap out of it.

Anonymous said...

Ignore all negativity and keep struggling to be the best you can be.Anything you do is about 100 times more than the average Joe anyway so just be proud of your effort.

Anonymous said...

All the training in the world won't help w/o eating properly and as you have discovered, some rest time. It's easy to get injured if you are carrying too much weight and then you will find all the results meaningless as you recover and watch others improve. So along with your hard work- put some time in- in the kitchen.

ConArtist said...

I think even the best triathletes take a day off or so each month. I think it's important to listen to the body - and when normal workouts feel harder than they should, it's a signal that you need to back off.

Ya I agree. Starting to add more 2 a days as we get closer to season.

lol. 1 day. I made up for it with a 2 a day on Monday.

minimialism is just sooo hot right now ;). I've heard much about that book and the controversy its exposed. But I don't think I'll read it as I've read it vicariously by now. I think working that hard actually helps KEEP me injury free. But maybe I'm wrong.

Nope, not a participant. Not this year. Just to cheer for those tough peeps. It's a great course, a real fun run.


Ya, I've been eating pretty well lately. And my weight continues to drop so I must be doing something right. I need to master the mix of proper resting/training. Hard to do w/o a coach.