Sunday, March 18, 2012

Workin it out..

No workouts posting para tu this week. I forgot to write 'em down...but I gotta say this was a tough week. Especially for running. Probably put in 30 miles or so. Hope to do well in a 5-k race next Sunday. I'll try and remember to write 'em down this week, although I have a midterm and other errands to run. Including work projects that seem to be piling up these days...

One of the errands is that I'm getting lower back X-Rays per request of my visit with a chiropractor on Friday. About 7 years ago at SDSU, I got X-Rays after chronic back pain was at times, debilitating. They found I have a condition called (sic?) spondyolisthesis. Basically my vertebrae in my back don't line up like they're supposed to. Therefore, working out my lower back has always been problematic as any extension is really like an 'overextension'.

Anyway, factors coalesced at the right moment to see a chiro. 1)I have a race coming up. 2)My back is not really healing. 3) I found a deal through DC Tri website. 4) The guy is also an expert in ART therapy, something that has piqued my interest for awhile now. 5) My sister is always on my case about it as she swears by it.

He examined me thoroughly for about 45 minutes. I was impressed, the guy seems to know his stuff. He noticed some alignment issues with my hips and shoulders. Some extreme tightness in my piriformis. And also, he said my feet are not absorbing impact as they should be. In short, lots of shit is wrong.

Good news, all things that he can manipulate/tweak to get me to pain free. I'm putting my faith in his work and remaining optimistic. Will keep you posted on X-Ray results and treatment. I still may race in mid-April (triathlon) but I'm not prepared to register if I still can't run off the bike.


Anonymous said...

Mixed bag of results with those guys. A good one is valuable and rare- a lot of charlatans and guys that can do more harm than good. They always appear great in the beginning.
Hope your trust is not misplaced. Of all the body parts that are most complicated- the back- must lead the parade. It typically heals itself, if given time.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get some good results from the chiropractor --some are very good.So what is ART therapy about? Never heard of it. It is a bummer to deal with back pain when you are training so hard. Good luck and keep your fans posted.

Anonymous said...

Transition is always hard but once you get through a few minutes usually the discomfort disapears or is forgotten so don't give up to soon.

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on the chiropractor's work. I am considering going myself someday soon and would like to get other people's opinion.

Anonymous said...

watch yourself with overdoing parts of your workout. Those back problems can be a real downer ad last a long time. I hope that your chiropractor does a good job with helping it feel okay to shine through your "tris"

Anonymous said...

Good luck in the 5k race. Those are always such fun and light-hearted. Try not to injure yourself by wanting to win too hard.

Anonymous said...

Chiropractors belong in the zoo. Modern medicine and science offers no place for their quackery. They will one day be looked up on as we now look at 19th cent. snakeoil salesmen.
Beware of their advise and be very suspicious of their tactics and unprovable pronouncements.

ConArtist said...

Interesting feedback from you guys.

Mixed bag - so I've heard. But I figure it's worth a shot.

ART is kinda like accupressure. Look into it online. I think it can definitely help if peeps exhibit the right symptoms. Ya, it is a bummer.

That's true. Which would be fine in longer races. But when I have to hit the ground 'literally' running. I need to be able to go right away.

I will indeed keep you posted. Feel free to always email me directly or comment if you have specific questions.

Thanks. Ya my Pops had back issues too, so part of it is genetic.

Yep it's 10 hours from now. Looks cold, rainy and windy but I'm stoked. Still hoping to PR.

Yikes. That's a scathing indictment. Why say this??