Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

Before I get is a link to me swimming today in the pool. My coach is filming me as I work on 'technique' so it's not intended to be fast. Gotta lot to fix, so this is just one of the things I'm working on.


1) If I didn't eat so much sugar/candy I'd be 10 pounds lighter for sure.

2) If I didn't eat so much sugar/candy I'd probably also be a hell of a lot it's a trade off.

3) When I set my alarm(s) I never set it for a :05 or :00. For example it's usually ex: 7:42 A.M. or 6:27P.M. Don't know why I do this, I just do.

4) The best time to exercise for me is usually mid-afternoon (3:30/4). Morning is also nice, but not my fav.

5) The healthiest meal I eat is usually lunch. Always eat vegetables w/o fail at this time.

6) I don't know why I love LeBron James as much as I do. He's been my favorite player since I was 17.

7) I have a major problem with the word/concept of 'leadership'. It's something I've been dwelling on lately and something that's crystallizing in my head.

8) I hate almost nothing more than photo radar. I'm VERY close to smashing a machine some night when I can't sleep...

9) I hate having lots of lights on. I don't like the glare of most lights opting for natural light or little to none at all. My roommate and I fight about this at times.

10) Most time when I read magazines I start from the back. The best stuff is generally back there anyway, I skip the ads, and I don't waste time shifting through all the B.S. that is the first 25 pages. 


Anonymous said...

Actually all studies prove that sugar makes us more erratic and wired which leads usually to confrontations and arguments so I doubt it is helping you in any way other than it is comforting.
Reading a mag from rear. Does that mean you read the end of every article first? That would make the beginning and middle useless ( don't tell this to other writers).
Lebron James is not from this planet. He was sent here from Aurti Centauri Galaxy to test our athletes. That is why he never gets hurts, bleeds or divorces which all NBA heroes are obliged to do. Check it out. Aurti Centauri, I think he has it tatooed on his nose.

Anonymous said...

Give up the sugar for health reasons, if for any reason. It was funny hearing about your litany of quirks. How our brains are wired to do things in so many odd ways. It is quite hard to understand. I do think your thinking is right on about Lebron though.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots. You still look more like a body builder than a tri-guy though. Must be the SUGAR. Must be the SUGAR. Blame war, pestilence, disease,hostility, depression, car problems, on sugar.
But we all need something to lean on and it sure beats pink slime, but not by much.Actually if I didn't have any sugar this morning I wouldn't have had the energy to read your blog and punch in a response.

Anonymous said...

Could not access your video for some strange reason. I just learned that there is a guy who has completed about 60 Ironmans. It sounds impossible. I wonder what the record is for triathalons. Liked your musings on this post.

Anonymous said...

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