Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vegetarian/Vegan Delight

The cook at work. Got my whole-wheat figs close by, plus Coke (c'mon it's sugar) and peanuts. Protein packed!

I'm not a good cook. Like most people, I love food, but it's usually devoured quickly and then onto the next project. My cooking skills are rudimentary and I generally stick with a few staple dishes. Recently, someone close to me transitioned toward veganism from vegetarianism. Veganism connotes different (primarily negative) meanings, so a lot of 'new-age' folks simply call it plant-based diet. I've studied vegetarianism extensively, yet never gave much thought to vegan. In fact, it'd be incorrect to label myself vegetarian as I still consume meat on occasion.

The secret to sauteed tofu...cinnamon. Ya, ya, big surprise coming from me, eh?

Lately, I've become a happy beneficiary of vegan meals. So, while I will succumb to a steak and cheese sandwich now and again (or let's be honest...Taco Bell), I'm actually consuming fewer animal products than many vegetarians by eating vegan meals.

Broccoli and bell pepper. Yum. And no I did not add a dash of Coke for flavor....riiiiight???

It makes sense because the identical reasons why a person would become vegetarian (animal rights, health, environment, energy, minimize disease, etc.) are the exact reasons why a person would become vegan. In fact, I'm actually surprised I neglected it in the first place. Dairy can be one of the worst foods for people FYI. Now, that isn't to say I will become strictly vegan (I'm not really strictly anything....except, but I gravitate toward it and do enjoy the dishes. It's also become more and more mainstream (again relatively...but there is a notable shift in material, marketed foods, and people who are embracing the lifestyle shift). I've also read numerous articles on endurance athletes (particularly runners and triathletes) recently and while their bodies look incredible, they credit their performance and energy levels to a plant-based diet.

Accompany it with some rice and dinner is served. 

Hence, I'm cooking more and sticking with more raw foods packed with nutrients. Plus, that bloated-I-just-ate-a-hamburger feeling I avoid. I can eat more food, and not gain weight.

Finito! Bueno!

A couple years ago I righteously came down on those who didn't recognize the obvious benefits of vegetarianism. I was angry by ignorance or dismissiveness. Now, I'm much more laid back. Eat what you want. But you are what you eat remember and the fuel you give your body directly relates to your energy levels and performance. So give it a try now and then...say once a week. Cook a vegan meal. If you don't know where to start this is one of my favorite blogs - (had a couple of these quinoa bars for breakfast today). Tons of delicious, healthy recipes to fuel your day. Comment with any questions/thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Nice dude. Didn't know that cooking was another one of your myriad skills. Food is simply energy except that we're conditioned to attatch gratification to its consumption through an incessant campaign by the food industry to have us eat their product. In the animal kingdom, of which we may or may not be a part any longer depending on your perspective, they avoid eating things that are undigestible whereas we trick our bodies with all kinds of artificial
stimulants and cravings.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute now, fried cinnamon? Even tofu tasteless and bland as bland can be, can't possibly improve with cinnamon. Is this for breakfast?

Anonymous said...
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glassesoffash said...

As a beneficiary of the cinnamon tofu, I can attest to it's delishiousness. Keep in mind that many Asian dishes add cinnamon for flavor. It was in the background, and added to the depth of flavor as they'd say on the food network. .
Great pics and narrative and good for you for cooking!

Anonymous said...

I so like this blog. Always like to get some new recipes. I am curious to learn about the taste pf cinnamon tofu. Never quite thought of that. Your diet is to be admired, but watch that soda...It is so bad for you. I also have so enjoyed the other blog site and the recipes I have found there. Let's get the word out about these sites111

Anonymous said...

When I eat my own cooking- I lose weight. partly because it takes so damn long to prepare, I run out of time and interest and get back to the tv. Is there something wrong with me? Oh also it is usually so awful I throw it out anyway and I never know if the growling in my apartment is from my stomach or dog.