Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fun (well you be the judge of that) Facts Friday

Almost just typed Fuck You Friday...kinda representative of the mood I'm in.

***Editor's Note Update*** Just realized it isn't even Friday haha...but tomorrow is the drive to Knoxville!

Didn't sleep very well, paper (due tonight by midnight) still needs alotta work, back randomly tightened up again after feeling awesome for about a week, traffic was the worst it's ever been - 15 minutes to go one block...I timed it. Only plus side is that I have XM radio. You, XM, are a savior.

1) As I'm driving...well stalled to work today, I was listening to a morning show talk about Ashley Madison. It was laughable to listen to the hosts and guests decry the forum. What's more maddening is people phoned in saying how their own/or their friends relationships were ruined because of the site. What a joke. If people are gonna have fidelity issues...they're gonna have fidelity issues. Your relationship didn't fail BECAUSE of Ashley Madison. People and their monogamy in this country - it's just whacky. I've written extensively on this in the past but still 'blows' my mind to see how sexually repressive people are.

2) Democracy sucks. It does. We've all been lead to believe that it's this beacon of freedom and hope. It's not. Almost all democracies are nothing more than corrupt oligarchies. Freedom is quite obviously not necessarily analogous with democracy. Your predicatable reply is probably something like, 'easy for you to say' or 'what would you prefer..dictatorship?' Um, no. We do not face a dichotomy. That false choice is reminiscent of the red/blue divide. For example, my baby bro said the other day, 'Man, you dog Obama a lot...Bush was better?' NO! By saying Obama is awful does not make Bush half decent.  (By the way...I'm still unsure if NO was the right answer). They're both awful. Democracy can potentially screw over 49.99% of the population. Granted, based on our experiences..we know it's closer to 95%. Nobody can best represent you more than YOU. Everytime someone touts democracy as some pinnacle of human achievement...they've been duped. You know when I'm in favor of democracy...when it's just me. Any formal institution of power is inherently problematic, including our personal favorite...democracy.

3) Leadership is also a bogus virtue. Think about there anything more oxymoronic than leadership convention/leadership group? My roommate is in a 'leadership program' at AU. What a joke. Leaders are lauded and supposedly groomed to...what...lead! Hooray! Is there anything more patronizing than that? Talk about grating. The person who should lead you is yourself. For those who respond - the world needs it doesn't. That's bullshit. Innovators, sure. Entrepreneurs, definitely. But 'leader' implies other people will follow you. In fact, I'd say that's one of THE PRIMARY CULPRITS of our society. Celebrity obsession, illusions that our political representatives give a shit about us, RELIGION, and people taught to have others think for them. Obedience is ingrained at such an early age it's nearly impossible to see through the handicap it places on us our entire lives. Leadership may reflect a personal attribute, but any righteous person would shun the label or urge to LEAD (like those who rejected the notion of killing Jews or owning slaves even though they could). Kinda like Brian in that Monty Python movie. Those who 'hold power' and don't exercise it over others are impressive in my book.

4) You can't be pro-peace and Pro-Obama. You just can't. Unless your ignorance on foreign (and even domestic) issues is so significant that you've marginalized yourself entirely. I've seen one too many War Is Not the Answer bumper stickers next to Obama 2012. This would be like wearing a shirt I'm with stupid with an arrow pointing directly up at your face. Or maybe a shirt that simply says I'm stupid. That'd be more direct. In which case...thanks for your honesty. It's refreshing. I've also seen photos of the Obama family DIRECTLY next to an ACLU membership card. I'm serious. You couldn't make this shit up.

5) I'm not as bitter as I sound. I'm just extremely disappointed in our society. Thankfully I found a sport like triathlon to distract me from the more pressing 'quasi' intellectual issues of our time. Because let's face hope in others has long since dissipated. At least I continue to challenge myself physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Perhaps it's selfish but it's honest.


Anonymous said...

Ashley Madison? Okay could you explain more of who this character is? I don't agree that democracy sucks,but I do think there are a lot of people living in this country that keep knocking it. I wonder what we citizens can expect and hope for after the next election. Our candidates seem to not have any answers. I wish somebody did. Do you support anybody that is not even running?

Anonymous said...

See what happens when you're stuck in traffic for hours. Your mind becomes a swamp of fetid anti-everything marmalade. I think you should just stop driving altogether and just run, swim or bike wherever you're going. It will put you in a much more positive mood, your work-out will be both practical and done, and you can find something wonderful to write about. Like me.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about your triathelon this weekend. I hope it was worth the drive down under.

Anonymous said...

Where are the tri results, big fella?