Monday, May 14, 2012

Moving on Monday

Can't say I'm not a wee bit exhausted after the past few weeks. In fact, woke up this morning (and part of last night) with a sore throat. And no, it's not from yelling at the TV watching the Miami Heat potentially squander home court advantage in the playoffs. They didn't, thankfully.

I raced yet again this weekend making it three consecutive weekends. All in all, I'm happy with each of the races. I've come into them with a healthy attitude, consistent training and the results are on par with my fitness level. I was thinking of writing another race recap for the one on Saturday, but I assume you guys are a little burnt out on reading 'em and I'm a bit burnt out on writing 'em. They can be a bit monotonous to read I'm sure.

I will try and post some photos/race stats so you can peep those at your leisure.

I did snag 5th overall out of 800 some odd men and another 800 some odd women...and saw the pace motorcycle again for much of the race. It's super cool to be in the first wave - of that I am sure.

Couple a things.

1) Got my GPA for this semester - 3.7. Only 12 credits shy of attaining my M.A. I was going to take a summer class but with the China trip looming I think I'll wait 'til Fall.

2) Boss at work wants me to start coming in 3x per week instead of 2. Sucks. It really only affects my swimming as I can swim at my lunch hour when I telework - but not in the office. Will have to find a way to sneak an extra swim session in there. Speaking of..part of the reason is to take on more responsibility...which generally leads to higher pay. So I think. I have my annual review soon, and am hoping to get a significant raise...we shall see.

3) CHINA. Pops booked a room for the three of us in Hong Kong at one of the most spectacular hotels in the city. So lucky, and stoked. To top it off, it has an outdoor 50 meter pool! #awesome. Oh, and also a 400m track. I'm trying to recruit a couple of friends to meet me while I'm in looks promising thus far! I'll be departing the states July 25 and returning August 19th. That's almost an ENTIRE MONTH. SOOO happy. Think about it everyday actually. Much of my readership (whether temporary or permanent) I've acquired through my traveling posts throughout the years, so be on the lookout for some coming your way shortly. The first 4 days will be spent in HK and the remainder will be cycling through China ending at Beijing.

4) Speaking of cultural whereabouts...this past weekend was Euroweek at the Embassy's. Missed the 'world week' the week before because of Knoxville, but I hustled down almost immediately after the race on Saturday to partake on the fun. It was fucking cool. For those unfamiliar D.C. is host to the embassy's, in fact I live just off the 'Embassy Row', Massachussets Avenue. If you live in D.C. you're used to seeing them and get to know the architecture of the consulates/embassies/residences. But rarely do you get a chance to go inside. So Saturday thousands of tourists and locals alike crammed Mass Ave, to visit 'em. We saw Slovenia (perhaps my favorite of the day), Italy, Ireland (saw some excellent dancing and tasted some delectable cheese), an aggregate muslim nation one (oddball of the group), Netherlands, Denmark (very into the environment), and Latvia. Obviously, my legs were fatigued after not sleeping the night before (4:30 AM wake up call), racing, standing for 2 hours waiting for the awards ceremony, perusing the Amish Market in Annapolis (an absolute must), followed by 3.5 hours of walking and standing in lines.

Finally sat down to watch the kids dance in front of the Irish embassy and had a difficult time standing back up. Fortunately was lured by free samples of food from other nations. In all honesty if you ever have the chance to do this...DO IT! I wish I had gotten their earlier and seen all of them. One of the coolest perks of living in D.C. for sure.

5) Other than that, life is busy as usual. Work has become more challenging (they realize I'm not as dumb as I look apparently). I booked a hotel for one night in Philly in June (don't have the funds to do the 2-night like Knoxville). Have to visit the Chinese Embassy soon to get our VISAS (140 bucks each for anyone keeping score). My roommate is moving out at the end of this week. Bittersweet, she's been an awesome roommate, and who knows who will replace her. This weekend is ANOTHER race. Cept this time it's a mud-fun run. Totally different to the anxiety/high effort stuff I've been doing and much needed. Nice to not have a race to stress me out! Probably missing some other obvious things but I'm run down at the moment feeling sick. Shoot me a comment if I missed anything.


Anonymous said...

It's insane how many things you crammed into a weekend. Doing a tri and the Embassy Occupy and the mrkt. and the..... no wonder you're sick.
This trip to China could not come at a more interesting time in the development of that country and it's relationship to the world politic. Human rights issues aside I believe the 1 vs.99 % ers is even worse in China than here, if that is conceivable. But at least here we are not being watched by our govt. every second, unless, wait, is facebook a govt. tool!!! HAH! We are all watched by someone.

Anonymous said...

Well, it is a wonder that you don't get sick more often, with the schedule you are keeping. Would like to see some pics when you can. Your trip to China should be quite an eye-opener. Do some homework before you go to learn a bit about the cultural differences and the countryside you will be seeing. Pray for some good wind to ease the pollution!

Anonymous said...

Good job,dude. Keep up the high octane life style! How much caffine do you consume?

Anonymous said...

5th out of 800! You rock!