Friday, June 29, 2012

A few pics, Garmin stats

By now most of you are either rejoicing or in sorrow over how the ACA ruling issued yesterday by the Supreme Court. I would bet if you consider yourself a liberal or Democrat, you're happy, if conservative/Republican you're upset. Had your party supported it, so would you. All hail allegiances!!! Thinking for oneself is overrated.

While I'm no democracy enthusiast, I can't say how anyone can justify lifetime appointments for 9 privileged individuals who determine law for 315 million people. Actually, it's truly only 5 people. 5 people act on behalf of all of us. And we revere this 'democracy' as some template of excellence. What a joke. A quote I read yesterday summed it up, "We don't have a disobedience problem in this country...we have an obedience problem." Couldn't agree more. The sheer lack of critical analysis to any/all institutions (much less the petty rulings) is astounding. But...time to get prepped for that 4th of July parade!!! Ugh. And this is why I spend more time with books than people.

Moving on...below are some pics from the race (professional photos not yet released). And also the Garmin stats. Both Doran and I had the run at .15 long exactly. Other than that, I started the bike Garmin about 1/3 mile or so into the race and didn't stop it until I was running out of transition for the run. Click on more details on the bottom right to see more...enjoy.

Coming into the finish. 

Giving Doran a hug in the finish chute. 

 Comparing watch/data. We're both like...that run was longgggg...right?!?

 The wrist attire of a triathlete. 
 Us 2 and Matty Reed. Awesome dude. Super friendly and approachable. Only guy bigger than me at the race site!!

The bike:

The run:


Anonymous said...

Like the beard, bro, but what's with all the wrist bling? I guess you need your pulse and time, but the other stuff? So Obamacare made it, even though it was by one vote. Our system needs some work.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics of a great race. I cannot even imagine doing it all in that heat. I would think that swimming in warmer water would be much easier...not having that wet suit.It must be nice to have some friends around to boost you up and draft you now and then.

Anonymous said...

Do you get a medal for something like this? Are there cash prizes for the cream of the crop? Congrats again. Awesome times and finish.

Anonymous said...

Great pics. What's with the beard? I thought you athletes were against extra body hair because it slows you down! Or is that only from the neck down?

Anonymous said...

The country should be rejoicing for Obamacare passing. Health care options for people in this country are very poor. Did like your pics and stats were impressive. Great job!

Anonymous said...

It is about time that health care was looked at with an attempt to help the little guy. I know it is not the best plan all around, but it is a start.
Your pics are great. Amazing race for you.Keep it up!

ConArtist said...

Yep, the beard was pretty epic. Finally cut it off, but now I'm growing a new one for China. Well Doran has one for overall time and one for bike/run. I just have one for bike/run.

Ya, it was pretty hot. Thankfully a lot of it was shaded. Na, swimming in colder water is easier (once you get over initial chill). Ya, was great to know people racing the course.

lol i got more medals than the Olympics. Practically each race doles out a finisher's medal. Yes, cash prizes for the pros (and other perks as well). Ya, they also give out AG trophies/plaques. Thanks!

The beard is a recent development...just having fun with it. Ya, you're right I'm VERY anti-body hair (mostly unrelated to tri stuff), but facial hair is pretty dope in my book.

lol, HURRAY! Yes, they are very poor and OBamaCare doesn't address most of the pertinent issues that plague our system. Just politics as usual with a kickback to insurance companies. Thanks for the support.