Sunday, November 17, 2013

Best of Luck to Freddy

Today, my buddy Freddy Silva is competing in his first Ironman in my hometown of Phoenix. In fact not sure if this link will work but I'm following him live via:

Freddy is the brother of Peter. Peter and I became really close friends when I first came to D.C. during my internship days in the fall of 2006. We're the same age. Coincidentally, Ash and I are meeting Pete and his fiance Rose for dinner tonight in Georgetown. Pete, like Ash, is also an attorney. Rose left her publishing job after a few years to become an inner-city schoolteacher in Anacostia. We've been pretty good friends with them for awhile now. They've been dating since 2008. Their wedding is in D.C. on Memorial Day Weekend I believe.

Anyway, Freddy and I were introduced through Pete once we all returned to San Diego. Oddly enough the people I connected with the most during my internship (Pete and Ash) both went to San Diego State like me. Freddy is also an alumnus. Pete obtained his J.D. from University of Miami jumping from one Ivy contender to the next starting in fall '07...;). I on the other hand had another semester left and developed a solid friendship with Freddy. I'm actually closer with Freddy than I am with Pete, but Freddy still lives in San Diego so I don't see him too often.

Freddy and I used to lift weights hard together at SDSU. We'd play basketball sometimes and run outside to get tan, but mostly we lifted and got burl. And partied. Funny enough, completely independently we both fell into triathlon (me about a year before him). Now Freddy is a die-hard triguy. Totally addicted. He's a bit like I was two years ago.

And today, as I type this, he is cruising through the bike about to start the marathon...good luck my brother. Here's to all your hard work paying off. It's a brutal race. 


Anonymous said...

Hope your friend does well. Does this make you want to be in an Ironman too,someday? The training must be brutal.

Anonymous said...

Well how did your friend do? Hopefully he is injury free right now. Are you ready for one someday?

Anonymous said...

Enough about Fred, what are you training for? Are you now a housewife? Training leeroy for the canine Olympics? Man you used to be all about times, work load, equipment and performance, i gotta believe your'e too young for social security.