Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Checking out the Catskills and NYC

Each year I try to get to NYC at least once. It's approximately a 4-hour drive from D.C., depending on just how God-awful I-95 can be. This year Ash has been up there about 4x already. And me...zero. So I pleaded for her to come one more time before we ring in 2014. Thankfully she was game to accompany me and we buzzed up (her) Gramps to let him know we'd be coming. 

Her Grandpapi resides in the foothills of the Catskills in a bucolic town named Jeffersonville. It's home to the famous Villa Roma hotel. It's also just outside of Monticello where the most delicious bagels on Earth are served daily. We snatched some on our way out and it was well worth the trek. This was only minutes away from where the iconic Woodstock concert was held. So it's got some charm. I call Grandpa "The Boss" and the Boss like the other Boss is a musician. He's played the trumpet professionally all his life. 

He performed all across the world on cruise ships and also at the Villa Roma. He played for us some songs on disc that we really enjoyed. He's also featured in the background in a vintage CocaCola advertisement he has hanging on the inside. 

We left Friday at 1PM and got up to Jeffersonville around 8. I dropped off the pup at a local kennel so we were bummed he couldn't come along. But our trip in the Catskills was short and then it was down to Manhattan to visit some friends (Adele and Jon). 

We saw a show as we always do....although it wasn't all that great. It was Pan and the Starcatcher (about Peter Pan). The cool thing was...as the show ended the producer and director came on stage for a speech. The lead from the highly anticipated Broadway show Rocky was on the cast and we saw his last performance before he slips into the great white hope. That was pretty dope. He says he's gotta weight train a bit. A lot I'm afraid. But he was one of the better actors in the play and I'm sure he'll excel in his new role. 

We spent most of our time with Adele and Jon except we stopped over at Mikhail and Katie's place for a couple hours to catch up. For those long-time readers you may remember we stayed with them for NY Eve two years ago. Was an excellent time. Funny enough we found out that Mikhail was planning on proposing THAT NIGHT! And he had to postpone his plans because we showed up haha! Oopsa daisy. He proposed January 21st and they were married in August last year. They just recently celebrated their first anniversary. They're both triathletes and it was fun to shoot the shit with them and see how their season went. They're mostly longer distance triathletes but it's still fun to talk gear, training and performance. They live a few blocks from Radio City Music Hall. 

All in all, despite the cold, it was a wonderful trip and I'm very happy we got to get up there. We hope to get down to Richmond for New Years this year keeping our streak going on 5 years of a new place to visit each new year. But no more traveling between now and then! I can't believe how many days I've traveled this year, it's nuts. So itt'l be nice to have this weekend to relax and just do some schoolwork. And NO MORE WEDDING PLANNING for a weekend. Cuz that's exhausting too. 

Below are some pics from the trip and also the delectable dinner I enjoyed tonight (my favorite meal of homemade grilled cheese with vegetable/tomato soup). MMMMMMMMMM. I'm a lucky guy!

The Boss' house.
 The ConArtist mobile. 
 Different angle, same house. 
 Peeping the porch. 
 One of the few flat spots. Extremely undulating up there. 
 The Villa Roma. 
 The Boss and Ash. 
 It was Bingo Day at the Grand Theater. 
 Us three and Kathy, his wife. 
 Kathy works part-time selling jewelry at the stand behind them. 
 The Boss is always cracking jokes. Funny dude. Love talking trash with him. 
 Jon, Adele, Ash and I. Adele is a firm attorney and Jon works for Goldman Sachs. 
 They got married in October, 2010. 

 Me and my love by in Central Park. 
 If you click (to zoom) I'm rocking the goatee. 
 I absolutely love Central Park. 
 Fall is the best season. Hands down. 
 Moments before our matinee. 
 The new World Trade Center building. They live three blocks away in southern Manhattan. 
 Magnificent building. 
Here we have Leroy's report card. He kinda dislikes most other dogs. He prefers people. Either a loner, a chaser or following the human with food. He was good. 
 Grilled Cheese. Jalapeno Havarti and Colby Jack cheeses. 
 Tomato vegetable soup. 
 She also makes me a salad for lunch everyday. I just come home slap some dressing on it and shake it in the tupperware. Eat it for lunch each day. Kale and spinach with broccoli/peppers/cucumber/tomato, etc. It's great. 
 There's the boy. 


Anonymous said...

You two sure do get after it. It is so fine to see you enjoying all the fun things traveling brings. Nice photos of locale and fam. Surprised there is still color in central park so close to holidays- all the leaves should have dropped by now.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed your pics. Your trip sounded like a great time in a fabulous city. So many great restaurants in NYC, but the grilled cheese fix with tomato soup can't be beat anywhere. Your pup is adorable.

Doran said...

Hahaha the best part was Leroy's stellar report card. Sweet dude you got there.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Leroy, boy. Sick license plate. Great shots of NYC. You need to spend more time there someday.

Anonymous said...

Poor Leroy, left behind again. Aren't you afraid that he is going to have abandonment issues? I can't wait till you two globetrotters have kids.... au pair live-in and you can take off every weekend!
Jealous? well perhaps. Central Park is a narcotic for the frenetic pace of the asphalt jungle. Always a great stop, particularly after a $50 lunch at a deli.!

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