Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fitness Update

In between bouts of stuffing my face and traveling via plane, train, and automobile I have managed to get in a few workouts now and again. I'm kidding. I still rarely miss a day. I think I've taken two days off in two months so more than before but still not too shabby.

However instead of high intensity cardio I have been mixing it some with weight training and basketball. It's been pure joy to get back on the court, talk shit, knock down shots, and most importantly...lead my team to victory. Always have taken satisfaction with winning pick up games. Gimme any four dopes out there and I'll scrounge out a win. Most times. The times I'm not busy shanking three-pointers like Dwight Howard shoots free throws.

I have swam precisely zero times in the last few months. Can't say I miss it all that much. Come spring I'll get back into it and I'm confident I'll be able to hold 1:30/35 per 100m without too many laps. It truly is all about technique and after three years of triathlon training I can attest that after a lengthy hiatus it is best to just focus on form, watch videos and get your cardio through bike and run. That's truly the best way to train for most.

That said, I don't know when my tri-window will be this season. I'm thinking three months and I'm not taking it as seriously as this year. This year I overtrained and burned out. I was hovering around 2:05 for Olympic Distance races and was poised to go even faster before my achilles started throbbing. I was running almost 40 miles per week. Biking 120 or so and swimming 8k. I think this year I'll run less. Bike about the same or 20 miles less. And swim maybe a tad less too.

My times will not be as good. I know this. But I'm going to ENJOY the races sans pressure and anxiety about beating all the other blokes. Plus my overall build will be healthier as I won't be overstressing my cardio system. I'll look better because I'll have more all around muscle. Lean to be certain, but muscle nonetheless.

Which brings me to my current weight. I'm fluctuating between 177-181 the past month or two. So I've gained between 10-15 pounds since July. Noticeable. I would say 60% of that is fat and 40% is muscle.

I can do pullups like there's no tomorrow still so I know my strength is good and I can't be too heavy. I'm lifting legs hard twice a week. And hitting chest, shoulders, bis and tris, back and traps and when I don't feel like a tubby bunny, abs too.

But abs will be present come April...oh yes....come April you will see some defined abs.

That's because that's when the weather warms and the pools begin to open and the wedding bells will be going off and the honeymoon will be welcoming us! It's looking like Costa Rica at the moment for anyone interested. Please chime in with any tips or ideas as I am open to exploring other similar options.

I'll post some other updates later this week/end regarding life, liberty and the pursuit of delusions of grandeur. So keep posted. Until then I'm looking forward to an 8 mile LSD run tomorrow. No rush, no intensity, just nice easy 7:30-7:45 miles....

kinda fun to relax about workouts for awhile...


Andy said...

Let's run soon. I took a week of offseason and will be spending a week or two of 59min max easy runs.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have a good plan for your training, definitely one that will not burn you out as fast. It is always nice to enjoy the process, not overdo it. April is around the corner don't forget,but lots of time to work on those abs.

ConArtist said...

Andy, you know damn well I only run on the treadmill lol. Especially this time of year! I am aching to get back on the road tho and spin the wheels so long as it's 50 degrees plus!

Yep, hope so! Gotta start the crunching.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Friend Conor,

BETTER is superior to BEST

Since you asked about some tips relating to Honeymoon... bring your best game of appreciation, easy going nature, inner peace and yes of course lots of understanding, empathy and compassion, and laughter ...consider making time with your improvement efforts to add finding more ways to be a greatER supportive husband and caring friend to Lady "A" ...always ...never ending

I have come to the conclusion (as result of my book writings and ponderings related to the languaging related to peace) that "BEST" is a most unhealthy word when it comes to peace of mind and happiness and reducing suffering. So one of my chapters' subject is "It is all about the ER" ... safer not safe ...healthier not healthy ... wiser not wise ... happier not happy.

Granted being in an ongoing state of angst and dissatisfaction has motivated greateness with performance and innovation ... for me I choose not to be a crusader or legend ...just want to be kind, caring, harmonious and encouraging for others ...more happiness, harmony ,contribution and less suffering, worry, conflict is the theme of the book and my life as well now.

Lastly I too have been wavering about the very same weights 177 to 181 no kidding...unfortunately mine is a lot more in the love handle section:-).

Kuddos to you with a much more relaxed attitude about your exercise.

Peace be with you and about you always dear Conor ... may your "mindfulness in the moment of now" (one of my book terms) continue to grow with ever clearER focus on what is truly more important in life as you find yet greater truths about "what is".

P.S. I do compete a lot these days as well ... except I am competing with myself yesterday ...tomorrow

Give my best to Lady A ... Holiday gifts being sent for you both as well

Anonymous said...

Don't get swollen biceps like a meathead, for Christ's sake! I know it's easier to go to the other side but unless you're trying to tackle RGW the bulk will only be hard to get rid of. It's always best to be light on your feet and heavy in the bank- that's the only place weight helps. Perhaps when you were in school and they taught you to create dough you thought they meant eat it.