Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Yikes. Good God. It's actually Thanksgiving tomorrow....incredible. They say time flies when you get older and there's never been a truer adage. Other than my Mom's favorite, "Win...or don't come home!" Mom always said that when I was growing up...speaking of - her birthday is Friday. Black Friday! So Happy early birthday to the most wonderful mother a son could have. Sent a package to her yesterday, so let's hope the crazy storms abate so it can arrive timely.

So want to give a shout-out to some of the folks I'm thankful for as no better time than now.

I'm thankful for my fiance. Her grace, her kindness and sacrifice is limitless. Her energy levels cooking meals, cleaning, working long hours, walking the dog, waking early to exercise never ceases to amaze me. She is such a beautiful person, aside from my parents, I've never admired anyone more than her.

I'm thankful for my puppy Leroy. He is my best friend. And it's not in the 'well every dog is a man's best friend.' Leroy is literally and sincerely my best friend. We spend more time together than Ash and I do probably. The highlight of his day (afternoon ball/stick throwing or walk through Lubber Run) is also a highlight of mine.

Here is also a moment of reflection for room for improvement. I probably have not been the best friend to others and that is why I am lonely at times and relegated (I don't mean that Leroy!) to hanging out with the dog. Being a good friend is a two way street and while I often am disappointed with the few friends I do have, I have often come up short as well. I'm thankful to recognize this and hope to rectify it in the future. It's a bit of a void in my life, has been for some time. So here's hoping to improve.

I'm grateful to be so close with my family. My brother and I text daily and exchange snapchats. My sister and I talk once a week, sometimes more and usually for over an hour! My Mom and I speak every day. Seldom missing a single day! Pops remains my idol and inspiration and while we don't talk as much as I'd like, perhaps that will change when/if my folks decide to move out east.

I'm grateful for my boss, my colleagues and my job. I am not Gordon Gekko in the salary department, but my job is perfectly suited for my personality and work ethic. I am blessed to work with such a great cast of colleagues and never feel pressured or overworked. My hours are easy and I have ample time (paid time soon enough maybe...more to come on this development later) to exercise, research stocks and do other recreational reading. My supervisor is kind and always has my back. And my boss and I always tease each other lightheartedly and he is very approachable and flexible and generous. I still may leave for greener pastures in the future, but I have to remember just how many perks I currently enjoy. I have a REALLY nice setup.

I'm grateful for my readers and my friends. I've developed friendships with some in our building...and I gotta say, this apartment complex rocks. It is AMAZING how many cool people there are. Most are Virginia Tech graduates and it's funny because almost uniformly those alumni are a special breed. Blacksburg must be a cool place to reside. I'm grateful for all your readers' time and input reading my posts and looking at the pictures. I truly do appreciate all the clicks and all the comments. Makes my day to read them. So even when I slack on posting, thanks for your loyalty.

I'm thankful for my tenuous as it's been this past year. I'm thankful I'm only 3 credits shy of attaining my Master's Degree! I'm thankful I have a dependable car that has never failed me once. I'm thankful I have much more than I need and much of what I desire.

This is only scratching the surface but I hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with good food, great company and entertaining football games!

Thanks for reading. 


Anonymous said...

Dude, I almost cried reading your post. You possess a rare quality seldom found in this world- the ability to recognize zeitgeist while it is performing its miracle in your own yard.
From what I can tell you are the reason people are so kind towards you so for that you deserve some of the credit you so kindly serve toward others.
Have a great Thanksgiving and keep leeroy off the fine linen.

Anonymous said...

This was a most caring, sensitive post. Yes, it seems there is much to be grateful for. You have many riches, and how maturely you seem to appreciate them. Too many of us take so much for granted. Wishing you and those close to you a very Happy Thanksgiving. May this year be a very happy, wonderful one for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Conor. Always a pleasure to read your posts.

Anonymous said...

Lovely sentiments Conor. So who says tough guy jocks can't be sweethearts once in a while? really there are just too many things we should be grateful for but seldom take the time. It is a hurry-up world and seems to be getting even more hurried. It's relaxing to exhale and just appreciate the good things of life.

Anonymous said...

116 skshyor, i mean really this nuisance greatly reduces any response. By the time I figure out the correct text I forgot what I was going to say. Or after 2 attempt in error I am convinced that gee, maybe I am a robot. And i mean suppose I was would that too not be something to give thanks for. Eternal existence. No aches and pains. No failed love affairs, heartbreaks or lost loved ones. Yhink about it, what's not to like?

Anonymous said...

My Dear Friend Conor,

Thank you for the willingness to open your heart and display your soul for the readers here on your blog. You set an example that gives others courage to seek out and find their voice and sing their song.

I have found friends to be a truly precious part of my life... they give it depth and enhanced meaning...I have a core of "friends" (perhaps 5 or 6)... people I can count on, that can count on me...people who care for my heart and I theirs ... people who bring out the best in me and I in turn do all I can to be a mirror for the gifts and greatness within them ....encouraging ...reminding them of their goodness... empathetic to their fears and concerns...delighted with their celebrations and victories. Most of all they are people I trust and they trust me.... to be understanding and empathetic and compassionate ...people who are honest but in a caring manner ...not in a brutally self righteous manner which some of us occasionally regress to my friend (oh those insecurities and inadequacies we harbor deep within our psyche that we temporality mask by exhibiting superiority over another and diminishing them).

Like a garden, friendships require a degree of selfless attentive caring ... to nurture with sunshine and watering ...occasionally to stay the course and do weeding as well to keep the space between us open and clean and of integrity...kindly candid as well.

So I conclude with my thankfulness for you and our rather intriguing connection here in Blogland :-)

give my best wishes to Lady "A" and extend my belated Birthday wishes to Florence Nightingale

and please do say hello to the Rascal

P.S. do consider seeing yourself a gardener with your relationships...I suspect you very much are this today ... so next is perhaps a master's degree in gardening for you dear Conor :-)