Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Delayed a day, but better late than forever. Or is it never? Ever? Ah, no matter, Merry Christmas to you and yours, hope all my readers had a lovely day off spent with family and friends.

I was a recipient of a lovely, touching card from CJY who also generously gave some dinero for a wonderful future night out! Thanks CJY! Can't tell you how happy it makes me to read your kind words. Please know you are important to me and appreciated. So thanks again.

The Bosso's sent a really cute Christmas card with their dog Bear. They're a lovely couple and I am very happy to make their list of Christmas card recipients. I have no idea how many takes it took to get that perfect shot, but well done guys.

Speaking of, Ash and I were considering creating one, but with the save-the-date, the engagement announcement, and the formal invitations coming's a bit overkill from us. But we both said that we HAVE to put one out next year to update everyone on how the honeymoon went and the first year of matrimony. So that is a promise I intend to keep.

Speaking of, big wedding developments are now accomplished. The registry is mostly complete. The flowers and linens are chosen as of this week. Our lighting and DJ consultation went well. We've nailed down the rehearsal dinner and the host hotel. And we've selected invitations (which took many hours).

So we're feeling pretty good about things at the moment. Every weekend we do something wedding related. Often more than one thing, but it's fun presently...mostly because the 'tough' choices have been made.

Christmas morning I took Leroy on a run with me. No leash. I've been training him the past few months to obey and stay close for walks/runs. He's been on a few runs with me, but this was the first time where we we put in some serious miles. 8 total! And he did just fine. Was not even tired afterward...although he did bonk HARD at night.

Ash made an excellent breakfast of scrambled eggs and french toast (which followed a homemade Indian dinner the night before). Was great, very very relaxing day. Did really nothing else the whole day except watch some basketball and relax.

I completed my first group bike ride in awhile last Saturday. Loved. It. Forgot just how fun it is to ride a bike in a group. I also climbed much better than I anticipated considering the recent weight gain. Suppose everyone is fighting that problem this time of year.

My advice? Allow yourself to gain a little. I think if you allow yourself 1-2% then you give yourself some margin to enjoy all the goodies. I think it's unnecessary to keep your weight stagnant, but realize that come's time to slowly burn off that 1-2%. That's just my $.02 Kinda like diet in general. I don't shoot for an A or A-, I shoot for a B+. That way I can enjoy the things I like without overindulging to the point of gluttony. It also prevent guilt trips and extreme discipline. Which is often superfluous and egotistical anyway.

We're heading to Richmond for New Years so that's a fun trip I'm looking forward to. Then MLK weekend I return to Phoenix to visit family and friends. First time being home in 4 years! I'm stoked.

I've been following Andy via twitter and saw Ryan McGrath is doing mighty fine and in great off-season shape. Also had a great chat with Trevor who I rode with during the Saturday ride...funny dude.

Hope to post again this weekend or early next week...what's going on in your Winter plans??? Anything exciting??? Anyone scripting any resolutions??


Anonymous said...

Hi Conor,Nice to read your uplifting post. Glad you are having a good holiday season. You are right about the weight gain part, and not letting it get out of hand. Those pounds are much too difficult to lose. Planning on working on betterment of myself this year, in many ways. Not a big one for resolutions, but just a continuous awareness of getting somewhat better in a lot of areas. Planning this year to use journaling as a good tool to help.

Anonymous said...

Actually I tend to think keeping one's weight constant is actually easier than letting it bound around. Diets are more restrictive than simply moderating the intake during holiday season because it takes so much more effort and adjustment.
Nice to hear about all your wedding plans. Marriage is easy but happy marriages require great adaptive skills and a talent to ignore insignificant but provocative events. Good luck at cultivating those habits.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Friend Conor,
You mean a lot to me as well young fellow.

Sending my best to you and Lady A ... as well as to your entire family. Trust "The Rascal" and Florence are prospering.
As for 2014 ...a year of intentionality with me as I progress my mantra for the year 2014 "I embrace ALL that is, and I am growing with my Health, Harmony, Compassion and Contribution".

take care dear friend...enjoy the journey ... focus on the process and your daily living habits & routines ... the outcome will become what is meant to be. Strive to be Better not Best.

an old friend

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Just wanted to say again how entertaining your posts have been to read this year. You have had quite an eventful year, but next year promise many good moments, I am sure. Good luck with the wedding plans.

Anonymous said...

So how was your New Years? Are you off to a good start? Your wedding is just around the corner, so you must be getting more excited by the day. Hope the planning is going well.Enjoy the process.It is going to be a fabulous year.