Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year out there! 2014 has been a success thus far.

I went down to Richmond to celebrate and the Harlem Globetrotters were staying in our hotel. We shared a laugh in the elevator when I asked them if they won and the guys said, "Hell yeah. We always win!" To which I responded, "Damn, you guys never let the white guys win do ya?" Leave it to me to make racial jokes and comments. It's a specialty of mine. Nice guys though, bummed I missed the game.

I'm in pretty good all-around shape at the moment. I run or bike practically every other day. I also weight train quite a bit, making a special effort to strengthen my lower body. My core is not defined as my fat percentage remains too high, but I can reduce that with some discipline in the coming months.

I'm feeling better about work. I have a couple pending applications out right now. I love to always have one foot out the door. One can never have too many options is my adage. Would be nice to get an interview, but if I don't I won't fret. Will be tough to change jobs with a thesis looming and the 4 month countdown til' wedding day.

I return to my hometown of Phoenix on January 16th. It's been over three years since I've been...and to make it all the stranger...we're staying in the house I grew up in. My Pops still owns the estate, having leased it for years and now it's been on the market for over a year. So if you want to buy an incredible house in North Scottsdale, you know where to leave a comment.

I've been studying the markets and trading stocks more and more. I would say I'm moderately obsessed with the amount of reading and research I do, but that's because I'm MORE obsessed with losing too many dollars. They go hand in glove. So let's hope 2014 can continue the bull market a bit...would hate to be on the buying end of a crash. Until I understand shorting just a little better anyway.

My resolution is about as vague and quotidian as can be but here it is nevertheless: Be a better person. I'm sure that sounds as uninspiring as meatloaf but I think there are many components I need to improve. I need to be a better friend and learn how to maintain and attain friendships. I need to be more understanding of Ashley and her work ambitions. I need to support her and not resent the times she spends away from Leroy and I working late on her caseload. I need to be a better lover all-around, more giving, more gratitude, more smiles and hugs. And yes, more sex. Especially now that triathlon exhaustion isn't competing as much with that haha.

I need to keep my composure and my cool when I'm driving. If you've ever seen the movie Don Jon..welll......suffice to say you know what it's like to ride with me. It's not pleasant. I turn into an irascible psycho. That may sound extreme, but it's not exaggerated. The rest of the time I truly believe I am kind, gentle, down to earth and easy-going. But get me in a car and it's like a lightswitch goes off.

Also need to complain less and appreciate more. I am so fucking lucky in so many respects that I forget sometimes when petty things don't go my way. I have it good. So I need to give back and remember that. I need to reach out to my brother and sister more when they need advice and listen more when my Pops calls and talk less. And I will still try to call my Mom everyday on my lunch break :).

I want to continue to improve my trivia and Jeapordy skills. I want to continue my hobby of interior design and art collecting and challenge myself to redo some parts of our apartment. I want to play the violin once in awhile like I used to. I want to keep blogging as much as practicable with thesis writing. It may serve as a welcomed respite.

I also would love to read about your resolutions or lack thereof. What's on the agenda for 2014? Anything new/exciting? Please share if you dare! I'm wishing you and yours a happy and healthy one. Hope to post some pictures soon enough - this blog is in desperate need of some visual stimuli.

P.S. wish me luck in a couple writing contests I'm entering....


Anonymous said...

You have more than enough resolutions for all of us! I will settle on becoming able to purge my mind of useless negativity- that means pushing the delete button on my forehead when I am holding onto thoughts that don't move the ball downfield.

Be wary of the stock mrkt. it has taken $ from better men than you or I. The skill is to never believe you are smarter than the system which is designed to reward manipulators and insiders who let information in or out based on going long or short. It's legal, it's constant and it ain't moral.

Anonymous said...

Well, You are off to a great start. It sounds as if the things you are trying to improve about yourself are quite commendable and will contribute to more long term peace and happiness. Bravo to you. Perhaps you need to play some upbeat music while you are in the car to help you forget the craziness of the roads out there.Don't let those bad drivers get you down. As for my resolutions, at the top is to demonstrate as much understanding and compassion to others as I possibly can.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like good resolutions, for sure. It is a time perhaps to reflect on our past year and do some deep soul-searching. I for one, will attempt to focus more on contribution to others, and less on myself. It is great that you are taking the time to see family soon. No better gift than that for uplifting our spirit.

Andy said...


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, I realize blogs are like diary's but if you announce to the world that you are looking for a new job, aren't you afraid your boss(s) might be less likely to nurture you? Just think'n.

My resolution is like everyone else's, to get into last years pants. Somehow my waist exploded or expanded and I guess it has something to do with too much watching sports on t.v. while i nibble and drink, but who knows, huh? Just say'n..............

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Conor. I really enjoy your blog, and although I don't often comment, you have made me think about many things in different lights. I appreciate that. You have good resolutions that more of us should have. Thanks for the ideas.

ConArtist said...

haha I agree. Lots of resolutions! Couldn't agree more on the stock market!

I do have Sirius XM radio, so maybe I should stop listening to talk radio!

Yes, I agree.

I'm swole enough!

No fear for me. Maybe that'll give them some incentive for a promotion for

Well thank you for contributing, it's appreciated!