Sunday, January 26, 2014

Some Pics from AZ....

MLK Jr. weekend I traveled to Phoenix (my hometown) for a family reunion and a party. Was an absolute blast. Watched my high school basketball team lose a nail-biter as Mike Bibby was the opposing coach. That was crazy b/c Bibby was a basketball idol to me growing up. We've met like 5x but seeing him coach his son against my team was special. I caught up with old friends and family/friends and hiked and ran and played basketball and ate and ate and ate. 

Below are some pics...enjoy. 

Had to bring out my east coast suits. Love wearing a 3-piece. 

Christmas in January. Here I am opening my sister's gift. Pops and Ash looking on. 

The ol' court. Lots of missed shots that day. Used to be lots of makes. 

Just another balmy day in Phoenix. Climbing Pinnacle Peak in the morning. With my sister, Pops me and Ash. 

Ash and Elyse, an old family friend who's my age. 

Chatting with my ex-girlfriend Brittany's Pops. We tease each other non-stop. He's a great guy. Her sister has her back to the camera and my Pops is on the left. 

Here we are at a great vegetarian restaurant Pita Jungle. Mom and Dylan in this one too. 

The Shapiro men before Dylan's flight out. 

No trip to Phoenix would be complete without the blonde mom's and a stop at RMCF. 

And also a stop at Coffee Plantation. 

Some of Dylan's old friends. 

Wedding sneak peak. Or did Leroy have a date???
One last parting shot...


Anonymous said...

Great time of year to visit the devil. Looks as though you guys had a blast but it's hard not to when you leave shithold freezer of D.C. for the warmth of saguaros.

Anonymous said...

Great shots of a great party it seems. This time of year would be a nice visit especially if Cardinals were in Super Bore. Oh well, there's always next year.

Anonymous said...

Just loved these pics. Looks like a great time. Nice to reconnect with old friends. Beautiful home. Of course, the best shot is of Leroy. What a handsome dog!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time in your old hood. Leroy may steal the show though come wedding time.He looks like he is stylin' enough to be your dog,when I see you in your DC garb.

Anonymous said...

A 3 piece suit in Phx? Bringing some DC style to that city for sure. Great dog. Great house. Looks like and even greater time.