Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wedding Update

Well, let's get this outta the way first.. there will still be a wedding! Ash and I have been working hard every weekend hashing out the nitty gritty details...all in an effort to provide our guests with a wonderful event that adequately demonstrates the time and effort and love we put into one another.

One of my best men is getting married (a couple months after me) and he and I hung out on Friday and we have opposite ideas about it all. He could care less about the event and wants to move-along with it and just make sure every one is drunk and having fun. While I wish for the same, I am hoping that the little details of up-lighting, chocolate fountain, unique place cards, napkins, candle floor lighting and other small efforts will really pay off. I suppose I just really like to put my best face forward. If you're gonna have an might as well be spectacular. Why settle for anything less than your best?

Granted, this is not to say that things can't be overdone. They can and they often are. And maybe we have already crossed that threshold. But to me, I want everyone to walk away sharing our joy and returning home with a unique memory that they can cherish as much as we will. And that means working a little harder to ensure that everything goes swimmingly.

So fingers crossed, let's hope for the best. But do know that there's been tons of work done behind the scenes to make it happen!

Life has been relatively busy lately. Work has picked up. I have not had the chance to interview for jobs I am overqualified for and that is quite frustrating. But my current tasks are keeping me entertained and I am hoping the promotion track continues this year..especially b/c I want to retire young and be a full-time stay at home dad soon enough! Haha. What!?? A fella can dream, eh?

For those interested here is our wedding website. Many readers are probably already invited and/or attending but for anyone else who is bored and wants to check it out please give it a glance. It was fun to design.

We're currently in the process of creating a digital slide show. Our folks sent hundreds of pictures and we spent a few hours sifting through them and finding the best of the bunch. We hope to convert them to digital version and then somehow find a projector screen/projector and add music and edit it and all that other pizzazz so it looks like a professional job! We shall see but the first few steps are complete.

Ash is presently debating whether or not to get Lasik in the next month before the wedding. Obviously, it is wicked expensive but the girl is a saver and we can probably afford it if we finance it.

She is working very hard and has had quite a few jury trials lately. She is really thriving in her role as a public defender I am mucho proudo. Can't wait to see her in action on the next one.

We finished painting the remainder of the bedroom a soft, blue that looks excellent. Really like the design of the room now. And yes, Andy....the bikes and the biker dude are still there! Who says interior design can't be sporty lol!

We have swapped out a few other pieces of art/scrolls and hung up a few masks I got in India that are kinda fun. Our place has definitely got a cool vibe. And I feel confident now that there's nothing more to accomplish with it. Granted it's only 900 square feet and much of that is closet so how much can one really do anyhow!!

Leroy continues to be a wonderful gift. He has the biggest heart and is the most loyal, protective guy around. I was a recipient of a wonderful compliment the other day as I was checking the mail. The girl said, "You know, there are hundreds of dogs in this building it seems like...but yours..he's just the best. He's my favorite. Just so handsome and so well behaved." I think he takes after his Papa. Plus he looks good in a tux. He's been running as long as 10 miles with me on the weekends. No leash. And in a relatively busy area. Great companion, definitely my best friend :).

I've been running and biking and lifting weights. Still no swimming and haven't played basketball lately. Worried I'll break my nose again or sustain an injury too close to the big day. But I still hold out hope that I'll do a triathlon or two (or three?!?!) this year. Probably not until June at the earliest.

I am taking the semester off from school. All I have left is my thesis and I need much more time to dedicate to it in order to put my best face forward. And that's not gonna happen with all that's been going on these days. We've been traveling and have two weddings to go to BEFORE ours. And then at least one, possibly two more in the immediate months afterward. And I heard there's a couple of other peeps who may marry in the fall so our schedule keeps getting booked up. Costa Rica is gonna be a great respite!!!!!

Anyway, off to read some of the paper and Kiplinger's magazine before bed. Hoping the stock market has a decent week this week. Could use a couple nice trades for some extra cash.

Thanks for reading and here's the site if you made it this far:


Andy said...

Just don't get chain grease on the walls or the dog.

Anonymous said...

Tell her to have the lasik done after the wedding or there may be none. HAH..Maybe you should go in the ph. book and invite a lasik dr. to the wedding and con him into some free work. Aren't you the ConArtist?

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine any loftier career than a stay at home dad. That would make me go nuts. Locked up with some infant all day would drive me to zanex.
Glad your are making a Gatsby wedding production. It is something for the ages but be careful not to plan everything because it will make you nervous and interfere with your enjoyment of this unique once in a lifetime experience.
Hope you make it to a few tri's this year but it sounds as though your mind is elsewhere but you have always surprised with your performances.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you are doing so well. Keep up the good work. Your wedding will be fabulous with your attention to all those little details. Attention to the small stuff does make all the difference. Can't wait to hear how things go. Hoping guests get drunk and have a good time is a bit lame.Great website.

Anonymous said...

Wise move not to attempt any tris before the wedding.All will go well I am sure. Have faith that your best laid plans will serve you well. Stay healthy and savor the moments of being single in the now.

Anonymous said...

Great wedding web site you have there. Don't worry too much about things not going well. With your careful preparation it should rank up there among the great weddings around DC.

Anonymous said...

Great wedding web site you have there. Don't worry too much about things not going well. With your careful preparation it should rank up there among the great weddings around DC.