Monday, March 3, 2014

10 Miles

Bet you didn't know Leroy is part Greyhound, eh? He and I have been running (jogging?) on Saturday or Sunday just about every weekend. He's now able to run by my side in Arlington sans leash for 10 miles. Which is pretty damn impressive if you ask me. Me lugging my new fat ass 10 miles solo is also quite impressive really. I weighed in at 185(!!) the other day at the gym...adding about 15 lbs. from my svelt summer bod.

Granted, half of that is muscle. That's what I keep telling myself anyway. Not that you'd be able to see it under the fat!

I watched the Oscar's last night. Pretty boring and self-gratuitous as usual. I, like the rest of most bozos out there, never tire of admiring the wealthiest and sexiest people celebrate themselves! It's something every good liberal can feel good about! I tease. Sorta.

I didn't like Ellen Degenerate or whatever her name is. I thought the opening act was relatively strong but the highlights waned significantly thereafter. I got bored and started reading the Wall Street Journal. I've been reading that a lot recently, solely for the business and investing news. The op-ed's and editorials are awful. Still, much to be learned from it, and great to get the foreign economics as well. Put some money into AT&T yesterday, so lets hope for some share price bounce so it's not just a dividend play.

I thought the Supporting Actress who won gave a very touching speech. Ash and I both enjoyed that. I have not seen 12 Years a Slave, but I look forward to in the future. I did see American Hustle, which, in my opinion was outrageously snubbed throughout the night. That was an excellent movie from the casting to the costume, from the acting to the cinematography. Instead, Gravity swept up the awards. That movie I will likely continue to skip. Ash is similarily disturbed, dubbing it, "People floating in space". That may be a bit harsh but we had high hopes for American Hustle and Blue Jasmine (excellent work Cate Blanchett). See them both if you have time.

We saw Wolf of Wall Street on Saturday and I think I liked it more than Ash. I was laughing throughout, and since I enjoy a few 'pills' myself I got a kick out of some of the quaalude scenes. I did not think it was Best Picture worthy and didn't expect it to garner many awards. Entertaining, that's about it. Leo was fantastic as usual and Jonah Hill was also great. Wish it would've dug a little deeper into the finance side of it all...

Matthew McCoughaney (sp??) gave a supremely awkward acceptance speech. Ironically, I was waiting to watch True Detective which aired during the last half hour (in which he stars) on HBO but stayed up to see who won... only to be disappointed by his speech. I caught a repeat showing at midnight thankfully to watch the latest episode. Great show. What? Work was canceled the next day. C'mon we all know D.C. can't handle a couple inches of snow.

Man, sounds like I watch a lot of TV. Truth is, I've been busy with the usual, gym, work, dance class, even cooking!

The wedding is now less than 40 days away. Can you believe it? Crazy. Getting pumped and more and more stoked for Costa Rica!!!!

Here's hoping that Ukraine and Russia can solve this matter in a luge contest...and that the USA stays the fck out of it. 


Anonymous said...

Ahh, the great Academy awards that go on and on forever. They are as expected in our lives as death and taxes. The talents of these folks are quite remarkable and I guess it is hard for them to be humble. Some pull it off well. Ellen played it safe, not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings. Thought she was no Billy Crystal, but better than some others I have seen. Great job with keeping in shape for the big day!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I knew it , you had to be on pills. Well there goes your future as a possible running mate for Hillary.
But it is great to know you run with your dog and don't enjoy beautiful people feting themselves- but it is great to know they eat pizza and don't understand tipping. Highpoint really was watching Matthew show how stupid he really is. That will be his last award for a very loooooooong time.

Anonymous said...

So you actually run for your health and then take pills!Oh my, not good. Doing good things for your body on one level, and then not so good on another does not a better body make.Too bad that many people do not believe this.