Monday, March 17, 2014

The New Obama

Funny...over five years into President Obama's tenure and he's now finally starting to resemble sorta kinda like the man we all had hoped he'd be. 

You know the one who had the most liberal track record in the Senate. The man who was not trigger-happy on foreign quagmires. The man who resented the grotesque wealth of Wall Street at the behest of the American public and union members. The man who spent time in the inner-city Chicago where drug use is rampant and knows that locking these people away is not the only option on the table. 

Simply put, we all 'hoped' and believed in the 'change' he was to bring. 

Interestingly for those who read the New York Times, Thomas Friedman wrote a column actually lauding the part John Wayne that he sees in Obama. You read that right. The left's bulldog who blasted every utterance that President Bush mustered is now applauding the toughness and resilience of his Democratic cohort, Obama. Despicable if you ask me, but so is Friedman. 

I digress, this is not about Dowd, Friedman, Kristof, or any of the other dunces that play cheerleader to blue card holders. They do serve as fodder to fill a Sunday night though, I'll tell you that. 

President O has actually turned a bit of a corner it appears. He went from mum/anti-gay to downright outspoken in support of gay marriage (absolutely not the civil rights issue of our time btw). He went from utilizing Secretary Holder to lock away petty drug offenders and throwing away the key to advising the Justice Dept. to 'take it down a notch' on marijuana. On the same token he seems to be an advocate of lesser penalties for petty drug offenses and other misdemeanors. Progress indeed. 

Additionally, it seems he supports a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and hasn't buckled on his stiff-arm to the Keystone Pipeline. He has recently espoused raising the minimum wage and extending unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed. And it goes without saying that he stands behind his signature healthcare reform law, (while far from perfect), does do some things well like providing for coverage for those who need it most. I'm not going to defend Obamacare as calling it imperfect is like calling the DMV efficient. Both are understatements. 

But I suppose I just want to take a moment and acknowledge a few of the steps in the right direction. It's come as a bit of a surprise as a leopard rarely changes its spots. But it must be satisfying for the few remaining (what is it now...42%) of Americans left who support him. 

Ash and I have been outspoken critics of his administration. We've been nothing shy of outraged by his ineptitude and lack of leadership. The other day I mentioned that when it's all said and done and we reflect back on his time in office, we will forget the bad and remember the good. What say you? Are you surprised by this new man in office or is it nothing but incremental evolution that he claimed to be all along??


Anonymous said...

More experience. More time in office. More confidence. Less to lose. Less criticism to worry about. It is no wonder that he has come into his own. Let him continue to surprise us.

Anonymous said...

I think Obama took office too naive and idealistic. It is a job of many outside voices and pressures and ideas that weigh on an individual. He was not ready when he began. Sadly, he may be when he leaves.

ConArtist said...

Thanks for sharing. Let's hope the surprises are welcome.

Really, I think it's the opposite. I think he was too 'pragmatic' for the first 5 years. Seems to me he was too bust compromising and diluting bills when he should have been advocating for the people. He only now seems to stand a bit on his own two feet.

ConArtist said...

I noticed I just wrote, "I think" after just decrying that type of writing in my latest post. Oy. Guilty as charged.