Sunday, April 6, 2014

5 Day Countdown!!!

Well...Monday marks T-5 days from Saturday, April 12, 2014. 4-12-14 - a palindrome. Great for me to remember for anniversary's sakes haha!

Ash and I have been wicked busy the past few months finalizing logistics, coordinating with vendors, writing thank-you-notes for the lovely gifts we've received, and attending other weddings! Yesterday we attended the second wedding of the year for us (ours being the third coming up). We also attended an elegant wedding late 2013, so we're basically going on four weddings in less than 5 months. I joked with Ash, "The only way we could afford to attend all these weddings this year is by getting married ourselves!" It is damn expensive to plan all these trips and get gifts as I'm sure you're all aware.

We spent the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia an absolutely lovely town (one of my favorites). I would really like to move to that area, but Ash requires some persuading. I'll keep trying! Ashley's high school friend Brittany got married to Matt. Brittany is black and Matt is white. While this is not uncommon in certain areas (like NY and DC) it was something I rarely witnessed growing up in Phoenix. Marriages were homogenous by and large. White married white, latino to latina, etc. Brittany's sister also married a white man (they are both doctors..not bad, eh?) It made me happy to witness such a progressive occasion, and be reminded that my preconceived ideas of relationships deserve reflection and analysis. Love transcends many 'barriers' - fantastic to see race as a complete non-issue as the attendees were half black half white and all dancing together. The speeches by both sets of parents were touching and testament to acceptance, open-minds, and big hearts.

The idyllic setting laid in the fold of a valley peering up toward the Blue Ridge Mountains while the sun set on a vineyard. Spectacular would be an understatement. The weather was tranquil, not windy, not cold, not hot. They had a violinist entertaining and a painter capturing the scene during the ceremony. Kinda fun watching the two artists in action.

Approximately 200 people attended (twice the size of ours). We danced to the band and had butterflies thinking about how "Holy shit this is gonna be us!!!!". We took Leroy with us as well although he stayed in the hotel.

I really enjoyed walking the hilly terrain of UVA's campus before and after. We ate some delicious bagels this morning at Bodo's before strolling around campus a bit more before heading home. Lovely time. Great town. Beautiful wedding.

But now, the floor is ours so to speak. This week will be crazy and will pass in a flash.

I am sooo excited and nervous and anxious and thrilled and happy and all those feeling you'd expect. I can't wait to share this special day to those who mean the most to us.

Then we will be jetting off to Costa Rica for 10 days so my presence here will recede quite a bit. Eh, suppose not any less than usual!

When we return we both have interesting things happening in our careers which I'll discuss in a subsequent post. We have 3 definite weddings to attend and a fourth to consider. I also have my thesis to write in the fall - and I hope to compete (for fun) in a triathlon or two before the summer fades into fall. Looking into Greenville Triathlon as South Carolina is a possible 'home' destination in the next couple of years.

It's a truly wonderful time. I am stressed but I am blessed. And the blessings far exceed the challenges. Thank you for your patience and your thoughts during this time. I can't wait to report back with how it all happened. P.S. - we were featured (March 31) in the Express (a free-daily paper they hand out by all metros in the Metropolitan area) and we are also getting interviewed by a Washington Post reporter on Thursday! So stoked for that. The circulation of these publications are enormous - so we are humbled to say the least.

Thanks again for your love and support - this blog still is important to me and while it's been regretfully neglected - I have high hopes for its continuation and consistency this summer and going forward.

Thanks for reading. 


Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best for a most wonderful wedding. I am sure it will be most beautiful and most joyful. Tis the season and tis the age to have many friends getting married...May your union be a most long-lastin and fruitful one.

Anonymous said...

Is it not wonderful that we can go to weddings and see multi-racial couples, gay couples and couples with various non-traditional views on religion get married and be respected in the community? I think that is such a beautiful part of this progressive world...Now there are even ceremonies for the divorced(but don't even think about that ever!) lol

Anonymous said...

Happy happy wedding day! Wishing many more wonderful years to follow.

Anonymous said...

You are probably about to pee in your pants it seems. And that dosen't happen everyday, I hope. Unusual occasions require unusual responses. When I got married it seemed like supersonic speed from the future just grabbed me and tossed me about like neutrons in a super collider. Can't say I remember specific incidents it all seemed somewhat surreal. Friends tell me now that it was one of the most fun they ever had. And here's hoping yours is even better. You guys deserve an experience so unique you can look back and hopefully remember it better than i can mine! Pictures help!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Buddy, I was at your wedding. Best damn affair I was EVER at. You two did a great job making everyone comfortable and happy. Man the dancing and food and drink was extraordinary. The toasts were heartfelt and sincere and not some garbage you hear at most of these events. But best of all was just watching the way you and your bride look at each other. With such respect, love and adoration. It wa,s and you two are, beautiful.