Thursday, May 1, 2014

Honeymoon Pics Part I

So the NBA issued a draconian punishment for Mr. Sterling. Seems like the public was forming a lynch mob (how's that for a tasteless analogy?) and they got their guy. I vehemently disagree with the punishment and how the media and the Commissioner handled it. But the players are happy. The fans are happy. Other owners are happy (and scared shitless I'm sure). So let's move on. I'm not fan of Sterling nor do I defend his actions, but as I explained in detail to my Mama, I just don't agree with the means that were leveraged to force Sterling to sell. A more grassroots mobilization effort including boycotts and other more powerful and historical protests would've been more profound and longer-lasting. I digress.....

Here are some shots from mid April in Costa Rica! Enjoy.

Very first pic we took. Private shuttle service from San Jose Airport to Hotel Presidente. Located in the heart of downtown. 
Ash snapping some pics in the shuttle.

 Land of billboards...And fast food. Ash was not pleased lol.
 McDonald's. Hellz ya!
 By this point I'm giddy with joy and Ash wants to return to the states. lol.
 Hitting just a bit of traffic on the way in.
 Red cars are cabs....quite a few there!
 The room at El Hotel Presidente. They're big on pretty towel folding in CR.
 And this is what I like to call a Churro Relleno. Um win! One of the best things I've had. Basically a churro injected with Caramel throughout the middle. So good. So. So good.
 Many vendors selling trinkets and lottery tickets. Also if you look closely you'll spot a TB (taco bell). Never in my life have I seen more American fast food joints then here.
 However, instead of frequenting one Ash made me get a casado at a local joint. Delicious. It's CR signature dish. Pic coming soon.
 There's the wifey.
 They actually brought this rice pudding out first instead of last?!?!
 Cheese and tortilla which is gallo queso I believe. Ash ordered it. Pretty bland.
 With some pickled vegetables it's even better.
 And here is the casado. Rice. Plantains. Some meat (chicken or carne asada). Beans. Some weird relish/potato thing. And some veggies. Great dish as a whole. I also tried a banana shake and of course in my Dad's honor...French fries.
 Bed time!
 The Hotel looking up!
 a casino next to a quizno's and kfc. Right out our door. Can't beat it. ;).
 Their Chinatown! Peep the arch across the street.

 Cool statue.
 Very cool church. Open at night too. There was a broadcast to the left lower corner.
 Agnostics love church too. And Jews apparently.
 I believe I have a coffee with me here. Strong coffee in CR. Whew.
 Gorgeous work.
 Mother Mary?? Where my Christian's at?
 Modern sculpture.
 Teatro Nacional. National Theater. See it ain't that hard to figure out. Even a dope like me can do it!
 Inside a different more upscale hotel.
 Ash is on the other side if you squint! Great place to sit and chat and relax. Weather is 65 or so. Amazing at night.

More coming very soon!!!! And wedding shots. Professional ones just arrived. Will post the link to 'em once Ash figures that out.


Anonymous said...

Actually most of those photos could have been taken in Boston.Some exotic place huh? Are you certain you two weren't victim of some huge honeymoon scam and were actually kidnapped and flown in circles till you landed in Boston? I was looking close for Red Sox fans but maybe in your nxt. set of shots............

Anonymous said...

What kinda guy takes his bride on a honeymoon to look at billboards? You can show the kids someday when these companies are out of business that you were doing a historical nostalgic honeymoon based on your favorite eating habits. Please explain if you are a triathlete how is it possible you fixate on junk food?

Well it is nice you got into the jungle and the beaches where it looked like you were removed from some of the advertisements, or were you? Costa Rica is renown as a tourist mecca so is it even possible to escape civilization's crass offerings?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you both had a wonderful honeymoon. I am happy that there were no big problems and that you ate some good food. It is definitely a country I want to see someday. Great pics...

Anonymous said...

Love the pics. Some churches they have in that country! So would you ever go back for the food??:) So why didn't Sterling ever even apologize? That was so lame. Sounds like a wonderful honeymoon. Thanks for sharing these.

Anonymous said...

So does your wedding and honeymoon just seem like a good dream right now? Nice to have these pics and good memories though. Funny but I have never heard anything bad about peoples' vacations to Costa Rica. What a great little country. No racism there, right?